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Good Final Week Depletion Workout?


Whats up guys,
I'm alittle less then 3 weeks out of my first BB competition, and I was hoping to get some insight/suggestions on a good depletion workout for the final week. I normally like high volume kind of workouts, so I'm not going to mind that part. I guess I'm undecided upon the methods. I know there are the full body depletions in the beginning of the week.

Then I also like where I start 7-8 days out and work with my biggest muscles each day, day 1 Legs, day 2 Back, day 3 chest etc.. Also, not sure when I should have my last workout, I plan on doing it early wednesday morning with a arms depletion workout. But like I said, it is my first one, would like to hear from anybodys personal experience where they had success.

Also, how do you guys feel about a friday workout (saturday competiton day)?
thanks again!


-Depletion workouts are great, but keep in mind if you're dropping your carbs as well. You don't want to be in the gym depleting for 2 hours every day while also having zero carbs all week. I would think that there is a point where you do so much damage (and I'm not just talking about excessive eccentric muscle trauma) that your body won't 're-inflate' easily, or quickly when you carb up.

-Legs are trick buggers, and what a lot of competitors I talk to do, is to first avoid any squats the last couple of weeks, and then, to hit yur legs for the last time a week out (no leg depletion work after Sunday, or maybe Monday at the latest)

-For Friday, I know Christian has written about incorporating a glycogen 'supercompensation' workout when you start carbing up (in his famous '6 days' article). In seeing the higher nutrient uptake from the eccentric-less training he made use of in Daryl's recent progress, you can see that the concept indeed has validity. Personally, I've always done a few sets focusing on my uuper chest Friday Mornings after a nice carb meal and coat of pro-tan :slight_smile:

-Saturday (contest day) should be all about gettig (and keeping) a pump. Ingesting carbs while pumping and flexing will have a visable noticeable effect on your physique.



good luck anyways!


thanks stu,
Yea I actually came across CT's 6 day shredded article. Which I found very interesting, will definitely go over that as well... I was planning on doing my last leg workout out sunday morning, on the day of my first carb depletion day, while having a moderate carb day the day before, hoping to have good energy for a good depletion leg workout.

I read how some do back to back total body workouts before moving on to depleting some of the smaller muscles. I think I am going to stick with depleting one part at a time.
I wont be going to failure on any of my sets just high reps.

Stu, why do you think most BB dont squat before a competition? could be that its just too taxing on the body?? I would think maybe low weight, high reps would be an ideal way to start depleting the whole body. But like you said, there must be a point of diminishing returns.




The explanation I've always heard was that it's so taxing on the leg muscles (too much trauma), that you may not be able to carb up properly and will end up with your legs appearing smoother on game day.