Good feet?

Does anybody have experience with the Alznner Orthotics they sell at the Good feet store? I looked at some the other day for my plantar fasciitis. Son of a gun if they didn’t seem to relieve the problem right away. So why am I asking? Those things cost nearly $300! Can you believe it? That much for a plastic arch support!

They felt like I was walking on a golf ball since they stick up in the arch so much. It didn’t hurt mind you, it just felt weird.

I’ve also discovered that I get some relief by rolling my arches over a frozen bottle of water. Can I really make plantar fasciitis go away with good stretching therapy and save 300 bucks?

Funny you’d mention the frozen water bottle. Worked for me.

But I let the PF get me down for 9 months before I decided to do something. Don’t let it get chronic on you. And FWIW, if I had the $ and some degree of certainty, I would have gotten the Orthotic. But anyone who guarantees a cure for something like this is just setting themself up for a court date.

Check out the threads on PF on, and

There are a lot of stretches to help you. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. Those threads had some good information. I think I’m going to try the expensive orthotic just because when your feet hurt, life sucks. Plus it’s hard to get any exercise when you have trouble just getting up on your feet.

You just listed the number one reason why I did nothing but watch tv for 9 months. Oh, yeah, and I ate crappy food and occasionally bought ever enlarging pants.

See a doctor/podiatrist if it continues, please. For your own good.

I’ve tried the frozen water bottle thing, heating, stretching, using physiotherapist recommended shoes and custom orthotics. The only things that worked for me was cortisone shots in the heel, which relieves the pain for about a year and a half at a go. I’m still looking for a solution since I can’t go on indefinitely getting cortisone shots (3 x so far).

Forgot to mention - I’ve also seen a chiro to check my pelvic alignment and leg length and had lots of ultrasound on my feet. In spite of a wide range of treatment and a substantial weight loss, I still have significant foot pain.

I did check out the 2 sites mentioned above, but am wondering if anyone here has had any success with a particular brand or style of shoe.