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Good fats

Can anyone explain how good fats like flax and fish (even olive and canola) oil won’t go into fat cells ie. make you fat? How is that different from saturated fats?

I’m aware of the helth benefits of omega-3 and omega-6. I’m more curious about the fat storage part. My understanding is carbs that don’t get burnt off for energy will get converted into fat but fat goes straight into fat cells unless you have no carbs or protein around to burn for energy (ketosis)?

See “Fat Roundtable” article at T-mag. Also “Good Fat and Where It’s At”. See also FAQ section for other articles.

the good fats are treated like a nutrient/ building block and, if available, are shunted into rebuilding the fatty membranes which surround every cell in our bodies. the body will use whatever fat source is available in the diet to rebuild these memebranes. if you’ve been eating omega 3s, these will be used to create a soft, permeable membrane which nutrients can pass through more easily (ie an increase in insulin sensitivity). saturated fats and other ‘bad’ fats give the membranes a rigid, less permeable surface, which lowers insulin sensitivity.