Good Fat?

So are saturated fats good for you or aren’t they?
You can prove anything by picking the references that support your points and excluding the ones that don’t.
But I still think this article makes you think:

See the ‘Fat Roundtable’ article at T-mag’s main page or use the search here, just be sure to toggle it to T-mag. If I remember, Lowery and Berardi had a good discussion on this after being asked the same question.

I don’t think so. If a food is bad for you, it tends to make you feel like shit if you eat more than a small amount. Animal fat from decent sources (None-factory farmed) doesn’t make feel any different than eating vegetables, even if I’m craving a lot of it. And it’s always a healthy craving, not a reality distorting addiction you get when you regularly consume processed food.

Cardio disease is very rare in my family anyway, so whatever. :slight_smile: