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good fat<-=->bad fat


i've read a ton on this site and on the web in general, and i'm familiar enough with omega-3, omega6 fatty acids, DHA's, EPA's etc. but what i'm struggling with understanding is, besides saturated fats/unsaturated fats (whose negative effects are more overall health related that diet/fitness related), in terms of dieting and weight loss and such, who care where you get your fat so long as it is, for the most part, natural. i mean say at the end of the day i need to round out my macronutrient ratios or whatever w. some quick protein + fat. rather than mixing a delectable flax oil shake, why not just have some pork rinds (4g fat, 8g protein per serving). i'm sorry if this is a silly question, maybe i'm just overlooking something...but for the average person simply looking to lose fat/gain muscle (or retain as much as possible while losing weight), who cares whether the fat is from olive oil/fish tabs or from like, bacon or eggs or cheese or somethin?


I think you should probable get 1/3 from each group. Most people get plenty of saturated fats. Most americansdon't get enough epa and dha which keeps insulin sensitive.


Omega-3's, DHA, EPA and monounsatured fats are heart healthy, help with insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels, and platelet aggregation and are vital in cell membrane structure. Omega-6's tend to be inflammatory. Saturated fats (for the most part) and trans fats can really be only used as fuel and don't have much physiologicic function in the body and tend to be the most likely fats to cause cardiovascular problems.


Just to be proper, I thought I'd make a small correction. LNA, DHA and EPA are all polyunsaturated fats with 3, 6 and 5 double bonds in the fatty acid chain respectively. Saying all fats are the same is like saying all chemicals with similar structures are the same. Who cares if it's benzene or glucose, both have 6 carbons, it's just a matter of a few radical groups, no biggy!(Sarcastically!)