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Good Enough for a Teen Comp?


I've taken some breaks and sometimes I miss workouts but all in all it's been a good 2 years working out with weights and the knowledge to actually gain muscle but it would be 5 months more with unprofessional techniques. Anyway, I started at 14 and have tried one cutting phase, right now I'm bulking pretty clean with less calories than before because I was gaining too much fat. How do you guys think I look?






I don't have any leg pics yet, I'm sorry! I do a good job with my legs I think.


Wouldn't suggest it. You're 16, spend another couple years (at least) adding mass and then you might actually do well in a teen comp. Cutting down to contest BF will really hurt your progress.

Nice job so far for 16 years old though.


If you want to do a teen show, bulk for 3 more years and do one at age 19. The three years will give you time to balance your physique (delts, triceps and traps in particular, based on the available pics) and learn how to pose. Your poses are baddd lol.

You have a good base though. Keep working hard to put on mass.

Give us some stats.


I have been bamboozled! I opened this thread expecting to see an 18 year old fitness hottie named Stephanie.

Decent start for 16. Keep learning and keep lifting.




dude what the fuck kind of facial hair are you growing lol? Shave that shit!

I hope this helps!


yes...not many of these naysayers here looked that good in their teens, let alone now.


First thing I thought.

I was like wtf is that its like a curly half beard.

But seriously, definitly some potential there, concentrate on bulking for a few more years and youll look great.

Traps and shoulders need work bad. Deadlifts and overhead presses.


is your name really stephie?


Sweet thanks guys, my beard has never been shaven and I plan to keep it that way... the shaving then growing a thicker or longer beard is just plain stupid, it's a myth. I want my beard to be pubescent soft forever. My name is not Stephie it's actually Stephen but people call me Stevie so I thought I'd correct them and tell em' it's a ph so it's actually pronounced like stevie but with a ph.

As for my traps, yeah they need some work and my triceps originally were one of my best parts but the tricep pushups, skull crushers and floor db presses I'm doing isn't working as well as I'd hoped. I do 3 sets of the floor db presses and 2 skullcrusher sets and 2 tricep pushup sets. I do reverse curls on my bicep and back day, do you think I'm overtraining them?

And thanks for the replies guys! Wewt!


Also, sorry I don't have stats, I just workout with what I have at home, and the max amount of weight I can have on a barbell is around 160. I know I can bench over 180. Don't know how much I can squat or deadlift, but I do both twice a week with good form, I just don't have enough weights to really be upgrading... :[


You should seriously get to a gym man, or you're not going to be getting much bigger with 160 pounds.


Height and weight?

And your tricep exercise selection is one of the reasons they are lagging. You can drop all of those movements and replace them with much more effective ones.

InHuman Close Grip Bench press - google it/site search
Overhead extension
Pushdowns (vary the grip width periodically)
Some sort of pullover type movement - PJR

If you just have a barbell and some dumbells available you are going to severely limit your tricep development. If you are serious about getting bigger and symetrical to do a competition you will need the variety of equipment available in a gym.


I'm tryin' to get to a gym....

5'7 157lbs


you been given some good advice {even the shaving thing)

For your age you have a really good base.In fact you are the first kid that I seen post on here that actually looks like they put in some work.Get to a gym and in three years you are going to look awesome!Work on the abs to.keep the good work up.You are looking good!!