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Good Electrolyte Drink?


I was going to post this in "supplements and nutrition", but I dont think the hard core bodybuilders would of appreciated it, and my question is related to more of a conditioning side of things. So here goes...
Ive recently commenced my skill training for my football comeback, and I have been drinking lots of Gatorade in my session(its summer here in Australia).

I make it at half strength and drink about 2-2.5 litres over a 90 minute skill session. I was wondering if there was a better drink I could be drinking that would have all the electrolytes and maybe less sugar? Im not keen on drinking any artificial sweetners during my skill sessions.
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I did see one on a cycling website awhile back. Just so you know there is something out there for aussies. I'll have a quick look around and post back if I find it.

Edit Electro-Mix by Alacer Corporation, or Nuun.

I can guarantee you can get the NuuN product in Aus.


Just stick with gatorade powder man, one of this sticks/packets in 16oz of water. The amount of sucrose/dextrose in that packet should not matter if you are training hard.




I guess, according to powerade, magnesium and calcium could also be useful in the electrolyte mix.

Some sugar is going to be useful. Mainly glucose, a little fructose.

And if hydration is your only goal, a tiny bit of protein, too.

you could probably whip up your own with a blender pretty quick.


i like "endure performance electrolyte" by trace minerals research. it's just a liquid electrolyte mix that you can add to any drink.


Thanks freinds.
I think Ive seen Nuun been slod at my local bike shop, so I might pick up a packet and try that out today.
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The best electrolyte drink would be natural coconut water, try about 12-16 oz. There's a brand called Zico and the bottle claims 580 mg potassium. It has 12g sugar per bottle.

Electrolytes present:


About 60 calories for 14 oz.


Water, sea salt and glucose syrup.


I Second the coconut water. its natures sports drink


Add salt as needed


Whenever my friends ask about Surge Workout Fuel, I explain that it's a basically a drastically improved Gatorade with superior ingredients. Don't get too worried about the carbs if you are doing relatively high intensity activity when you drink it.


Check out Brawndo... "it has electrolytes"

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Coka-Cola with extra salt.