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Good Electric Buzzer or Razor for Body

Is there one you guys can recommend for the body. Im one of those guys that seem to get more hair on the belly and such areas. Is there a electric buzzer or buzzer that can be used for those pesky hairy areas (including genitals lol).


is nair safe?

The Philips Bodygroom

Fuck nair. That stuff eats holes into my skin. It smells horrible and doesn’t do a good job unless the hair in femininely thin.

Search for “Wahl Peanut”. Its a handy little tool.

Get Nair For Men (grey/blue bottle), works MUCH better than the pink stuff for women.

Doesn’t smell/burn like BONEZ mentioned…

The thing about nair I hear it creates holes in your body or something, and I was told of people who would even bleed when using it. sounds a bit scary.