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Good Drinking Games to Try

Not sure if this has been done before… but simply, what are some good drinking games to try?

well, there are some oldies but goodies.

  1. Beer Pong
  2. Flip Cup
  3. Power Hour (this is brutal) and even more fun if you have a video to go along with it. There’s a site online that will play a 1 min clip from an 80s/90s TV show. Good times!
  4. Asshole
  5. Circle of Death

I’d say Beer Pong is my favorite. Flip cup and asshole a close second. I’m competitive so flip cup might get the edge there.

Hmmm… I don’t think I know any drinking games but I do know I like body shots… and that can lead to alot of fun :slight_smile:

We play a couple.

All of them operate “international drinking rules”. which basically is that during the game:

you cant point (penalty is to take a drink)

you must drink with your left hand (penalty is to take a drink, repeat offenders must drink more)

the penny is out (if the penny lands in your drink u must drink it all, then u have the penny to attempt to put in someones drink)

thumbmaster is in operation (some is “the thumb master” and when they put there thumb on the table everyone else must do the same, the last to do it must down there drink, then they become the thumbmaster. and so on.

so the two games we play the most are:
ring of fire (also known as kings)
cig packets

  1. Ring of fire:
    Get a pint glass and a packet of cards
    spread the cards around the glass in a ring
    every body takes turn picking a card and what happens corresponds to the card:

A - Make a rule

2-5 Black - Take that many drinks
2-5 Red - Give someone that many drinks

6 - waterfall (everyone has to continously drink untill the person to their left stops)

7 - pose card (that person can strike a pose at any point of the game and last person to mimick them has to down there drink)

8 - Toilet card (this enables the user to go to toilet whenever they want, but they can also sell the card for drinks. ie the buyer must take that amount of drinks to get the card)

9 - rhyme (you say word and then ther person to your leftmust say a work that ryhmes then the same happens in the circle untill someone stammers or doesnt say one, they then take a drink)

10 - catagories (same as above but the card holder picks a catorgory eg. cars and everybody must say a car name.)

J - “hey jack”. Thae last prson to say “hey jack” must drink

Q - The person who draws this card must lick it and stick it to their head. they can then ask ppl questions, if the person answers them then that person must drink. they can only answer with “fuck off” or they must drink

K - Fill a quater of the pint glass with your drink, then down the rest. after the last King is drawn, that person must down the pint glass in the middle and everyone else must down whatever drink they have left in their hand.

ring of fire=circle of death

cig packets:

get a packet of ciggerate.

everybody takes it in turn to throw it over their drink
if it lands on the long thin side that equals 2,
if it lands on the short thin side, that equals 4.
everything else equals 0

the packet is then passed to the next person, if they dont land it on one of the thin sides they must take the amount of drinks that has been accumulated before there turn. ie. long thin side + short thin side = 6 drinks. it then starts again.

if the packet hits your own drink, spills anyone elses games or falls of the table then you must down your whole drink.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
ring of fire=circle of death[/quote]

im sure u play different rules?

Try the Brent Musberger game.

[quote]tom63 wrote:
Try the Brent Musberger game.[/quote]

thats similiar to another one we do.

stick on an episode of south park or family guy and everyone picks a character and you most drink for the whole time they are speaking.

easy and gets u wasted…

“Drinking and Driving”

You take turns driving drunk, the one who is driving when the cops pull you over is the loser.

[quote]dk44 wrote:
“Drinking and Driving”

You take turns driving drunk, the one who is driving when the cops pull you over is the loser. [/quote]

not good at all. never drink and drive…

however in rural ireland, we are smart. back in my dads day there was one guy in the whole town that didnt drink. so every friday/saturday night at closing time he would get into his car and drive around town in a “drunken way” but not dangerous… so the only police car on patrol would pull him over and everyone else would drive home drunk.

[quote]dk44 wrote:
“Drinking and Driving”

You take turns driving drunk, the one who is driving when the cops pull you over is the loser. [/quote]


Drink until you can’t feel feelings anymore.

Boat race:

split into 2 equal teams. face each other. the first person in each team begins downing their drink and the person to their right cant start untill they have finshed. its a race to the end. the losing team must take a shot and then you repeat the game. expect to be hugging the floor within 30 mins!

landmines, se7ens, kings, beer pong, flip cup, louisville chugger, asshole, mexican quarters,

This game is great.
Order or pour your own drink in a cup.
Put your mouth to the lip of the glass or bottle or mug.
Tilt the glass/mug/bottle

swallow the drink as it starts to pour.

So fun. So, so so fun.

pong, flip cup, moose, boat race, kings, asshole, fuck the dealer, horse race, drunk driver

soo many. just make one up

i’m usually with jp_dubya in that i don’t like drinking games, but beer hockey is too awesome. here’s a link.

another one would be the “never ending story” drinking game. my brother ended up downing 17 shots of brandy in 45 minutes, so we had to quit.


I know rules can vary greatly between colleges for beer pong. Anyone have anything different than these?

University of RI:
No leaning
Same cup game over (so it’s wise to pull the cup as fast a possible)
Rack on 6,4,3,2,1
Bounces 2 cups but can be swatted (most houses)
Rebuttals are shoot til you miss.
No rack in middle of turn
Both balls in you return em
Bitches can blow