Good Dress Shoes For Posture

What are some good dress shoes for posture. For once in my life, I’m working a job that I have to wear them and the ones I have are killing my knees and hips. Lugs are the brand I have.

Don’t know of any specific brands or anything, but I would just recommend finding one with the smallest heel possible.

Ecco shoes have been some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They run anywhere from $100-$200+ dollars but are worth the purchase. Not sure how good they are on posture.

You can probably read through to see if you would be satisfied with them.



heard Tom Platz say that Allen Edmonds were the best that he found. little $$$ but maybe you can find some on sale or online. anything that is a quality brand and well made should be ok too

I can’t think of the name of them, but I remember reading on here about dress shows that have just a thin layer of kevlar for the sole. I believe they were mentioned in the same thread/article as the vibram fives.

Any shoe that passes the twist test, (as per link)

with minimal squish (ie minimal cushioning for maximal proprioceptive awareness)
and without heel (of any kind is best) is good to go.

A lot of guys i know find that vivo barefoot are very funky stylish and still let a foot be a foot.

a couple posts on why:
free your feet

and proprioception (focusing on vff’s)


Because of my budget, I think I’m going to just have to look for a shoe with a low heel and does well with the twist test. I’m only going to have 50-60$ to shell out, maybe a little more if I find a good deal. I love my worn down, beaten up, falling apart converse shoes (not chuck taylors but just some normal looking shoes). Most comfortable pair of shoes I have.

The Clarks Wave models are good for posture. I use them and I have a fused spine. Also, I sell shoes for a living. I don’t know how formal you have to be with them, as these come in casual or dress. They are a little pricey, but made with genuine leather and clarks usually hold up for a long time.