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Good Dog Names


im about to get a Boxer pup. Im lookin for a good name, any suggestions? I thought of either Diesel, bear, or tyson. What are some other suggestions?


When I first got my rat terrier as a 6-week old puppy he always seems to be doing devious shit. I didn't have a name picked out for about a week after I already had him and it came to me one night when I was watching Hercules In New York with Schwarzenegger. Pluto, god of the underworld and master of the mischievous. A year and a half later I realize I couldn't have picked a better name.




After reading this post, I got the name Bluto stuck in my head.




If you want a boxer's name, I would suggest you go old/older school and take something like Dempsey, Norton, Floyd, etc. The biggest thing I have found is that you almost always end up contracting the dog's name to its first few sylables. So pick something that sounds good. My current dog's name is Stella, but everyone calls her "Stel".


if its a girl name her bitch

all though this could lead to akward situations if she is gonna sleep on your bed and for that matter where ever you go

if its a boy name him BEAR


Fenris, a well known Viking name.

See the attached link


BTW my dogs name is Loki, the norse god of mischief.


Very good advice. We have two dogs, Mugsy and Cooper. However, they are usually called Mugs and Coop.


I'd stick with one syllable. Of the choices listed I'd opt for Bear. Since the first consonant, "B" is more ballistic out of your mouth you will have an easier time yelling at him and having him respond. Sounds kind of silly, but I find it works for my dog whose name happens to be Bo.


Since it's a Boxer, you could be "funny" and give it boxer names like Rocky, Tyson, George, Foreman, Sugar, Ali, Cassius, Clay, Primo, Marvin, etc...


Monosyllabic names suck.

I've always wanted to name a dog Farfel. I don't think that would be appropriate for a Boxer though.

Maybe you should name him Bruce Lee.


What about names like Destiny, Chasity, or Jamal?

Jamal is a great name.


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It is not silly at all. This is typically what is done with working/sporting dogs. When I give a command and the dog is out in the field, a long name is problematic. Yelling a name like "Simeon the Conqueror" in high winds is likely not heard by the dog. It would probably get you some queer looks from your friends too.

I also forgot to mention that no one should name their dog after an ear-biting rapist that squandered some unbelievable talent and has ultimately made a fool of himself. That said, you could name your dog Tyson if you want.


I go with Pinky.


I like the name Bear for a boxer. My Boxer pup is 7 months old now, and he is a great dog, his name is Wrigley, (i got him from a breeder around chicago), what color boxer did u get, is it male or female?


I'm naming my next dog Brody.

Or you could name it Steve. Nobody names a dog Steve.


I had a great dog. Part lab and terrier. Dark with a white tuft of hair on top. I called her Guiness.


Call it Lassie.

Maybe one day it can save you from a burning barn.