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Good Dips Substitute?


Hey all,

My workout partner hurt his back a month ago and is now getting back into the more heavier compound exercises.Unfortunately,he's still having porblems doing dips.I told him to try some deadlifts and barbell rows instead,for his back.Are there any other exercises you guys know of he could use instead of doing dips??


Decline bench press


Neutral (palms facing) grip decline dumbbell press.



Nautilus pullover machine?


Why are you telling him to do back exercises when dips are primarily a chest(and shoulder and tris) exericise? That said, the suggestions give are good.


Close grip bench or board presses.


Decline close-grip bench press.


has he done bench dips? I know this is kind of obvious probably, but I thought I'd point out that he may be better able to do them with his feet on the ground and his hands behind him, than on a real dip setup, because he may be able to take some strain off the problem area



But yea, any variation of decline bench will work fine.


No,I'm pretty sure dips work your back.or maybe it's the pull-up exercise that works your back( I get mixed up with both of them).


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This is the replacement for the dip. Don't press the weight verticly up and down though. Use this form:

Most muscular pose- the same way this flexes the chest, is the same way you want to exercsie your chest. Sort of a decline pressing fly. you dont really want to fly because you can't add alot of weight. you dont really want to press because you'll be using to much triceps and the inferior biomechanical action of the chest. You want to sort of use both the inferior press & the superior fly in the same movement. it ends up looking like a most muscular flex when your contracting your pecs on the way up. Use the fly on the way down and get a very heavy negative. Don't waste your time pressing unless your looking for upperbody strength or need a tricep workout.


You got them mixed up.

Dips- chest, shoulders, triceps

Pull-up= back/biceps




How long have you been training...?


Dip: chest/triceps, shoulders

Pull-up: lats, shoulders, biceps (pretty much in that order)

Chin-up: lats/biceps, shoulders (pretty much in that order)


thats pretty good.

dips are purely a chest exercise for me

pull ups are more of a upper lat exercise for me with a little delt/bicep/forearm help

chin ups are primarily a bicep exercise for me, although i concentrate it that way. the lower lats are secondary for me, and a little delt/forearm help

hammer grip pull ups- i use these to target the serratus and work the forarms also

concentration has alot to do with what muscles you will work too.


Interesting. I was wondering what would be a good upper lat exercise.

Though looking in my anatomy book, I can't seem to find the upper lats...


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you're right , there is no upper or lower lats. we all know that. but when your talking about stressing a certain area of the muscle, thats how we all understand them. Are you going to flame Arnold's Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding for using the same terms too.

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