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Good Deal?

My school’s gym is going to get all new equipment during christmas break. So they’re selling all the old stuff for cheap. So I’m thinking of buying some stuff:

45 (6) @ $20 ea
25 (4) @ $10 ea
10 (4) @ $5 ea
5 (4) @ $2.5 ea
2.5 (4) @ $1 ea

= 440 lbs, $194

Cybex Adjustable Flat-to-80 Degree Bench

Ivanko Olympic Barbell (Stainless Steel?)

Is this a good deal?

(Grr, they’re not selling squat racks… That’s pretty much all I need now. Any suggestions?)

That’s definitely not the best deal in the world. Usually, plates cost about half as much as they weigh and you can buy a cheap adjustable bench for $100 anywhere.

I agree with TenByson. You can probably buy new for that price or close to it.

If I were to offer a guess, the Invako barbell may be a good deal. You can definitely buy a bar for cheaper, but that may be a higher quality bar.

Go to www.ivanko.com and have them e-mail you back their price list.

Other than that, I’m thinking the rest is nothing special.

When you say anywhere, what do you mean? Garage sales? The same Cybex bench I see it priced on their website for around $250?

BTW, what stores can I buy Ivanko weight plates? (I thought this was a good deal because I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. Is there any actual store that sells Ivanko plates?)

You didn’t say they were Ivanko plates. I bought a 300 lb weight set for $100 from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Sports Authority sells them too. I just went to my local store and picked it up. You can also get a bench there too for $100. That’s what I did.

Oh woops, thought I did. Well, is it a good deal now, since it’s Ivanko?

Here’s a picture of which one:

What specific brand(s) and items did you get of the weight set and bench, TenByson?

I just searched The Sports Authority website for “Ivanko”. It had no results?

(And I searched Dick’s too. No results there for Ivanko either)

They don’t have Ivanko stuff at Dick’s or TSA. They have other stuff like Cap Barbell. It’s all the same shit. A 45 lb plate is a 45 lb plate.

Well that’s true. But the quality might be different. For example, a bad one might rust quicker, etc. Right?

I’ll check out Dick’s and TSA. Anyway, what bench did you get? I’ll check it out when I’m looking for plates; maybe I’ll get the same one!

I’m a bit of a cheap ass and would barter with them if you are going to purchase that amount of weight. It never hurts to try.

As it stands, doing a search on the web, Ivanko itself charge 68.3 cents per lb for its cheapest “black economy” plates. The standard grey are a bit more expensive even. As you pointed out, that doesnt include tax or shipping, which will probably eat you alive.

Like others have mentioned, I know dumbells sell for about 50 cents a lb, but I have never really researched plates.

I didnt follow the link you posted, but highschools usually dont have shoddy benches so I will assume that it is a good one…$100 good I dont know. You can do your own shopping there.

I can tell you are looking for someone to tell you it is a great deal to get these plates as fast as you can. If you dont have to pay tax, I would buy them. If you are going to drop $200 anyway it might as well be for Ivanko plates at another plates price (even though name brand doesnt mean much to me). I would assume the plates are already chipping, etc if they are anything like my highschools were and I dont know how “straight” this high school is running the sale, but I would try to barter a bit more still. Twenty bucks less is still twenty bucks.

BUY THESE PLATES!!! There does that make you feel better? :slight_smile: A month after you get them it wont matter if it was the best deal or not, you will just have a super set of plates to get huuuuge with.

My three cents…now thats a bargain.

I don’t think its a bad deal at all. It ain’t a great deal, but it’s not a rip-off either.

I paid .49/lb for new and .39/lb for used plate, every once in a while some place will have new on sale for $.40. My Body-Solid flat/incline bench was about $200 I think, maybe $250, so if the quality is good and its in good shape then $100 isn’t too bad.

See if they’ll bargain at all. If you buy all the plate see if they’ll throw in the bench. Worth a shot.

You’re right! I got him to lower the price to $275 for the whole package! :slight_smile:

I am useless.

GREAT! I’m glad it worked out.

Now put them to use and show us some results. :slight_smile:

Oh…and I would have got it for $250.
hehe, just kidding. Good deal. Merry Christmas yourself.