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Good Deadlift?


Hey guys, just wondering what would be considered a good deadlift for someone who weighs 65kgs/143lbs?

My current deadlift is 125kg/275.6lbs x3


You've got a calculated max of 290, give or take a few.

If you hit a solid 300+ PR and get an offical double body weight deadlift you qualify as pretty strong.


I would say that is an extremely good deadlift at 143 pounds. A general rule of thumb for a decent dead/squat max is 1.5 or 2 times your bodyweight. Keep up the hard work!!!


Doodz, this is the internet. The average 120lb 13 year-old can deadlift at least 700lb for reps.

In all seriousness though, that's not bad. A double-bodyweight dead would probably be fairly competitive a state PL meet or something.


Ahh I just realised you're from Orrstraya too. Here's the current records @ 67.5kg (PLA, drug-tested fed):

Open: 277.5kg
Under 23: 255kg
Under 18: 210kg

Don't get discouraged though, some people just have really long arms and their DL from the floor is like my rack pull from the knee.


LOL damn 210kgs is a bit out of reach for the moment I think, anyway I do have long arms there like 2-3 inches from my knees, and my other lifts aren't very impressive
all my lifts RAW btw
I've still got the same problem I posted a while ago where i cant go parallel on squats because I hear 2 loud cracks as soon as I go parallel and get a really sharp pain in my glutes and the weight suddenly feels as in there was an extra 20kgs on the bar..weird problem I know.

I also have spinal misalignment, my neck was 30 millimetres more forward than it should be when I first started seeing the chiropractor now its 19millimetres forward and the spine is getting closer to straight as well, one of my hips were lower that the other but now they are straight. Do you guys think any of that could cause the squat crack/pain?


I'm not sure if it is very good because i know a guy who could DL 300lbs when he was about 130lbs and he had only be DLing for about 1.5 months.

He by no means was very strong in many other things so i didn't think his deadlift was either.


I deadlifted 130 kg when I was 65 kg. I didn't think it was that good, even though I had been deadlifting for quite a long time. Now when I'm 70 kg I probably deadlift even less because I haven't deadlifted since march. Maybe I should try my current max.


Thanks for the replies, just wondering what you guys would consider a a good raw bench press for my weight and raw squat?


Compared to what?

If you are not into competition then a bodyweight bench is a good thing to "start" from.

For your squat id say at least 1.5x your bodyweight (do you do them Ass to grass?).

Of course those are not good enough for any powerlifting competition but it's still pretty good to start from.


in my opinion i wud call a gd deadlift at that weight at least 180kg, 405lbs.


raw atg squat for u id say abut double bw and for ur bench abut 1,5 bw all raw.


Any weight that you do that is more than what you did last week is a good weight.

As long as you're making personal records, you're doing great.

If you want to know what's good for competing in a meet, you can look up the records for the federation you want to compete in. Just remember that those are the records and aren't necessaraly what your competition will be doing at the meet you're going to.

Compete with yourself, unless you're looking to get trophies.


A double bodyweight deadlift is not considered a good deadlift and would not be competitive and a state PL meet i can gurantee you that. I know someone that weighs about the same as this guy and can deadlift 405x5.

I lift in the 165 class and had deadlift 545 and just missed 565 because of grip. Thats almost 3.5 tiems bodyweight. 565 would have been the best deadlift for my weight class though if i had gotten it.

So i would probably consider 3 times bodyweight a "good" deadlift. Anything over that times body weight is damn good.


A good dealift for people who stregnth train and a good deadlift for everyone else is a huge difference. I injured my back and am now gettign my dead back to where I am starting to not be ashamed and people in my gym are still hugely impressed it's only about 480-500 but I also weigh 300lbs so this sucks from my perspective. the thing is everyone is going to be different, like everyone said check the fed you want or however you did the lift( raw suited ect) and go from there.

realize though that if you are the 1,000th strongest guy powerlifting your still stronger then about 98.9% of people on the earth. everything is relative but if your getting the bar to start bending your doing good. Ben


you make a good point, but I sure hope you're not an accountant with that math.

If you're stronger than 98.9% of the people on earth, there are almost 72 million people stronger than you.



Actually I am a math major but I was just using the number as an example, if I put 99.99% someone would then say there is no way to garauntee this or "what about pound for pound", I figured I would go with something a little lower but close, when you get into such large numbers as the world population even .01% is a large number. Ben


Woah nice deadlift for your weight (to me anyway) do you train westside style?


im 16 and i deadlift 525 i thoguht i was close to a record lol but im not im like 80 lbs away lol


[quote]dabigdog wrote:
im 16 and i deadlift 525 i thoguht i was close to a record lol but im not im like 80 lbs away lol[/quote]

What, the, fuck. You resurrected a 3 year old thread just to brag about your deadlift? “lol”