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Good Deadlift/Squat?


Hi guys,
Just wanted to know what you guys/gals thought a good deadlift/squat is for someone my weight.
I weigh 63.4kg and managed to get 180kg deadlift raw, and 140kg squat
I think I could easily get to 200kg deadlift with straps, just wanted to know your opinions thanks.


Frankly, I wouldn't know what would count as a "good lift". I would say your lifts are definitely respectable but I would suggest that you don't think so much into it. Why limit yourself? Be the best that you can be. I haven't been lifting for too long and initially I was overly concerned with what other people would consider a "good lift". I'm almost 2 years in and and honestly, I don't think I'll ever consider my lifts to be good. Strive for more progress. That's what I would consider the "heart of lifting" to be, progress progress and more progress. Hell, to be even more honest, I don't even feel qualified to answer this question.


Yes, those are good. Not elite, but good.

By raw do you mean no belt? Or just no straps? Have you squatted in wraps before?

How about bench?


I mean raw as in nothing yes, no belt or straps.
I can manage 2 reps of 100kg on the bench but I need a spotter.
What would you say is elite for someone my weight ?


What federation?

Why not just look up the records? It'll give you a far more concrete answer than a bunch of random strangers on the internet.


I've tried looking but all that comes up is Olympic records/national records.
Obviously I can't compare with that haha. Just seeking advise is all


If you can't compete with those guys, it sounds like you know what you need to work on.


GPC Australia has raw and equipped standards for totals. That'd give you an idea.

Be aware that it is assumed you wear a belt and use knee wraps for those. You could also check the IPF site for standards, but those would still assume you're using a belt.

But the checking world records is a good idea. Just search something like 'powerlifting world records' on Google.