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Good Day!


Good day brothers and sisters






He has returneth.

All is well...


I genuinely missed the guy.


Me too!

Not only has he died for our sins, he also has deltoids like cannonballs.


I thought I saw a golden light appear!

YAY!!! Good vibes sent your way, my fiend :)))))))))))


Not sure why everyone is so happy to see him the day before 2012 starts. Odds are he hath returned to confirm how smart the mayans were.


YES!!!!! My favourite poster on T-Nation, bar none, has resurrected himself on New Year's Eve!

Any words of wisdom for us for 2012 Stefanogym??


Is this the Jesus guy...?





OK GymJesus, I need help getting a job while still going to school, and for my ex to quit being horrible about the child support, and for my dad and his drama.


If any of you have read Infinite Jest, I'm pretty sure Stefano is the guy DFW based Lyle off of.


omg so exciting!


^This. It's the second coming of GymJesus.


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You're supposed to return from the dead a few days after you die, not a few days after your birthday.


all good, thank you, glad to be here, peace


thank you brother :slight_smile: feels good


...only thing I would tell to myself and everybody is: follow your excitement to the best of your abilities, for what you can do, now :slight_smile: