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Good day so far

Cake: that poem seems more appropriate now than ever.

Yes, that poem is very appropriate. This shit around here is getting ridiculous.

That was an ill poem


I want to thank you for that post! It is difficult to explain what happend to me after I read it. The best way to describe it is to simply inform you that I have been through a complete psychological metamorphosis! Let me explain.

I now realize that it is perfectly correct and proper to fornicate with everything that moves, as those women are certainly not anyones sister or daughter. How could they be? They look so sexy and probably feel so good. And if someone has yet another child out of wedlock, hey that’s a good thing! All they have to do is financially support it the rest of it’s life and that is good enough. After all, a kid only needs one parent anyway.

And doggone it, now I agree with you and some of the others: Damn the consequences! Who cares about catching an STD? Not me, I am now an enlightened wonder boy. And we wonder boys must have fun at all costs! And hell (see, I typed hell,thats good) AIDS might be on the rise but so what? Look at Magic Johnson he has AIDS and he looks okay to me. It’s all about fun man! How could I have missed it? If you are having fun then nothing else matters, regardless of the outcome! I get it. I get it.

I am also going to applaud any and all posts from twenty somethings who feel compelled, for reasons unknown, to share all of their sexual escapades. I must continue to promote things that have been promoted on here for the last several years. What was I thinking before? I should know that all change is bad and needs to be squelched! Sorry.

Wow, when I look back on my past behavior I have no idea how I could even be tolerated. My new enlightened mind realizes that it is cool to tolerate all kinds of behavior, unless it has any shred of moral decency. If I even sense anyone attempting to offer up an alternative to decadence I will leap to the thread and jot off a few witty lines about how they are not open minded. I will also throw in a few sentences about how they are not the moral authority around here. How dare those people bring an opposing view to such a tolerant board!

I think I have the party line down pat now. Not because I am trying, but because I have seen the light! And do you know why I have seen the light? It’s because of you!

Cupcake, you made some great points and had a great post. However, not saying I agree 100% with ZEB, but that is some mighty effective use of sarcasm. Looks like you have yourself a formidable, verbal sparring partner.

Looks like in my wish for “an infinite # of wishes” on my b-day one of them didn’t come through. Please Zeb, while this is an “off topic” post the topic is my b-day, not your stance on casual sex. Don’t make me have to write something so vile that the mod’s take this post down (I’ve done it before).

Cake nice poem there bro. Definitely something I didn’t mind reading on my b-day thread. Thanks.


You just don’t get it do you? Although I appreciate the attempt at…what?, what exactly was that? an attempt to bait me? an attempt to demonstrate that you are sarcastically able? oh! I got it, it was an attempt to gain the majestic view of your moral “High Ground”…

O.K, It’s yours, the high ground is heretofore to be known as “ZEBania”, see no fight, no bad mental Feng Shui, no insults. I refuse to add to the decay that already has hold of these boards. I will not even bother with finding alternative boards for you to post on (here’s where I would normally make up funny names for websites that involve Billy Graham, open sores and cast out whores but I won’t just now, I promise).

There is a sickness here in my beloved T-Mag and you ZEB (along with a few others) are a symptom of that disease. Until you can set aside your constant need for conflict, I can’t imagine the wells of community that these boards “were” famous for, ever recovering from the poison therein.

“Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo”

~ H. G. Wells

happy b-day bro, enjoy yourself. where in Jersey you from?

happy belated b-day t-bro!

Ooooh ZEB, that was fun! Let me try: you seem like a fun guy.


There, there (Pats cup on the back). It’s not so bad! Cheer up ole’ cuppers.
T-Mag forum grows in strength each day. Especially when we have such diversity of thought displayed. Right? Isn’t that what they say about diversity? It helps us!

When someone has a difference of opinion it’s not the end of the world as long as respect is not lost. And even then it’s still okay. If someone wants to brag about having the morals of an ally cat, and you go along with it, no problem. When I disagree you need to welcome that point of view, not discourage it by whinning and carrying on. Smile pal, you are having fun on this forum right?

Each view can be put forth with no harm done. After all, if we all just go with the flow, as you suggest, it would be a pretty boring forum.

I have to get going I don’t want to be late for my evening church service. And after that I have to help out at the senior home. Then there is Bible study class. Gosh, my evening is full! :slight_smile:

happy b-day. we need to get together and party sometime…

As much as I love the T-forums and the diversity of the T-Nation, I notice a parrellel of society.

In society,(at least in Canada) everyone is encouraged to do what they deem acceptable. Weather sexually, religiously, to do with raising your family, drugs, booze, lifestyle, you name it.

We are a “Tolerant Society”. Everything is acceptable except the moral standards. If I wanna base jump off my house with a grocery bag for a chute, I’m encouraged to “express myself” in my own creative way. But the minute someone says, “That might not be a great idea, you know.” He’s labeled as a goodie-two-shoes, a spoil sport, or religious fanatic.

If everyone is allowed to spout whatever they want, then why can’t the guy that says to think about it? Why don’t the people with the morals get respect for their opinion like everyone else? Is it because it’s something people don’t want to hear? I bet it is.


Sorry Wideguy, I’m not trying to clutter your thread. Did you get anything cool for your 24th. A 2-4 prolly be appropriate. LOL


I’m live in Toms River.

Thanks again to all who whished me a belated happy b-day. While I don’t really plan on going out to Cali anytime soon, I sure as hell would like too. Got some really good freinds out there. Any of you cali-dogs know Mojo?

no of it, but not clue where it is. all I know is hoboken. lol


You are confusing “Butting in to other peoples business” with “Having an opinion”…you will NEVER see someone highjack a thread with “You know, all that clean living you are doing and monogamous (funny but true…I had to look up the spelling for “monogamous” but I can spell 8 different words that mean “Goat-Sex” from the top of my head) sex is wrong you should…” or “What do you mean you care about the girls you have sex with, that’s just STUPID, fer crying out loud, if there’s a Heaven you might end up GOING TO IT!..STOP what you are doing NOW…REPENT, REPENT!, start sluttin’ around NOW!”

No, it seems that the righteous are the only ones trying to live my life and “save” people from themselves.

Why is that?

Why is it happening here instead of under a tent at a revival?

Why does it always come at the expense of someone’s thread? (sorry WideGuy)

Just how selfish and egotistical are these “savers” that they deign their fellow forumites to NEED them?

See, in the “olden days” if I was not interested in Goldberg’s “Westside” thread, I would STAY THE FUCK out of it, not highjack it to promote a different style or training philosophy or pick a fight.

What happened to that?

When did T-Mag change direction to become the moral compass for a corrupt society?

When the fuck did T.C, Shugsy or our beloved (and much maligned, thanks in part to me) Timmy P decide that this was the forum for “spreading the word” about good, moral, upstanding behaviour?

Perhaps Timmy P sold out to the “Hour of Power”?

Someone should tell T.C about this, 'cause his misogyny shtick is gonna have to go.

Maybe, just maybe all those self-appointed moral saviours should wander off and find a place where that kind of behaviour is wanted, because around here it’s about as welcome as the Jehovah’s banging on your front door, while your daughter gets ready for her date with that Amish guy from down the street.


Start all the O/T threads on whatever you deem appropriate and I promise, I promise that the heathens will stay clear.

Try it, you may like it, I mean would’nt it be nice to see a thread that doesn’t get highjacked by some do-gooder, defender of the righteous, save 'em in spite of themselves-asshole, Blue Whale-izing preacher?

Why yes, yes it would

I have to go now, Satan wants me back by 6:00 and he gets real pissy if his minions are late.

Neither situations nor people can be altered by the interference of an outsider. If they are to be altered, that alteration must come from within"

~ Phyllis Bottome

2-4? What are you talking about?

Cake, word.

It’s bad enough that when I go home for the holidays I have to hear my step-dad ramble on during the pre-turkey grace with his rendition of Gaylord Focker’s blessing from Meet The Parents. It’s like he’s freestyling some kind of personal conversation with the man and we’re just lucky to be able to witness a live one-on-one chat.

I’m as open-minded as they come, but this is one thing I can say for sure that I don’t want any part of without even trying it. Why? Because I don’t like people telling me that they found Jesus and became someone else, and that I am lost because I am not saved. That’s bullshit. I was baptized as a Christian, but I’m not a “Christian.” What the fuck is that? You can keep your little private club. I don’t have to affiliate myself with any kind of organization or cult to feel good about myself. Talk about egotism at its finest. Why does religion so often breed condescending and self-righteous attitudes by those who subscribe to it? Its such a turn-off.

Sorry for the rant. I get like this everytime I go home for the holidays and I am made to feel like a sinner because I haven’t jumped on the Jesus bandwagon. The morality police have invaded all other aspects of life, so when I come to the T forums I CAN and WILL let my nuts hang down to the floor. I wouldn’t walk into your church and tell everyone how much fun I had playing naked twister last night with a drunken college chick, so don’t come around here acting like you’re the next fucking Mohammed. If you don’t like it, start your own thread. Here, I’ll even give you a title: “Calling all Godsters: Make your online pilgrimage to Mecca.”

Wideguy, I think he’s asking if you got a “twofer” as in 2 for 1???

take a trip out to “killa cali” and ill show you how we do it on the west siiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!