good cycle?

A friend of mine has given me 2 bottles of methyl 1-testosterone extreme made by IDS and also 2 bottles of sci-fit’s 4-androstene-3b-17b-diol. He said he just couldn’t take it anymore because of the sides. I am getting ready to start an injectable tren75mg/day,eq400mg/week cycle and was wondering if I should throw these into the mix. The tren and eq will be for 6 weeks, and I was thinking about adding the M1-T and 4-ad for the first 4 weeks or so. I also have plenty of post and on cycle T therapy. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

any advise?

I would throw the prohormones in the can. The six week cycle of Tren and EQ sounds like a better idea to me. Maybe think about frontloading that EQ at 600mg or 800mg the first week (or two) if you have enough to do that method. That EQ is going to hang around for 3-4 weeks after your last shot so start your PCT accordingly. Good luck.

The Scorp

Heard tons of good stuff about M1T and IDS is one of the recommended companies for it. Look up “M1T survey” in the search and read all about.
So try it out at small doses 5-10mg of the M1T ed and 300-450mg ed of the 4AD and see how it goes for you. Or you could take scorps advise and just send it to me I will even remberse you for the shipping.
Your choice.

Thanks for the responses and opinions. I know that the tren and eq are far better than the supplements, but I was considering stacking all four together. I know that tren and eq are both class I steroids, and also that the 4ad is considered a mild class II. I have also heard that testosterone has the possibility of creating class II affects. This is my main question. I was hoping that the m1t would supplement the 4ad, adding to the total imput of class II. I believe that if the m1t was a class II it would be beneficial in the overall cycle, though I dought it is. Thanks for the help guys. I was hoping that someone has experienced an A.S. cycle with m1t. I just don’t want to stack 3 class I’s with 4ad if you see where I’m comming from. Thanks for all the imput guys!-swit.

Anyone M-1t

If anyone out there knows if m1t will bind to the ar please reply.