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Good Cycle?


Any thoughts on the cycle below? It'd be a clean bulking cycle.

Week 1 - 4: 30 mg/day Dianabol
Week 1 - 10: 300 mg/week Deca
Week 1 - 12: 500 mg/week Test-E
Week 1 - 13: .25 mg/day Arimidex

Week 15 - 18: 100 mg/week Test-E
Week 18/19/20/21/22: 80/60/50/40/30 mg/week Test-E
Week 18 - 24: 20 mg/day Nolvadex

Thanks for any suggestions.


If you were doing a standard Nolva PCT I could understand it, but why do you have a two week gap between the end of your cycle and the beginning of your stasis/taper?

Cycle, stasis and taper should all flow smoothly from one to the next, without interruption. For example, if you are injecting test e every third day, then on the third day after the last shot of your cycle, you will take the first shot of your stasis period, and so on.

Also as you are including a 19-nor drug in your cycle, I would highly recommend the full 6 weeks for both stasis and taper, as 19-nors are a lot harder to recover from.

I also think that’s way too many weeks of Nolva. The last 4 weeks of the taper should suffice. Also if you wait till then and you have done everything right you may find you don’t even need the nolva and you can save it.

After saying all that, the cycle itself looks pretty decent. Is this your 2nd? 3rd?
Also, what is a “clean bulking” cycle? (I know what you are going to answer, I just think the term “clean bulking” sounds dumb).


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You are thinking that there is no point injecting a 100mg/wk of test for the first 3 weeks of the stasis period, since levels will be hig anyway, due to the long esters used in the cycle…?

Yeah, that was my thinking.

Based on one of Bill Roberts posts, I’m tempted to just skip the stasis taper entirely. However, when I did normal PCT (i.e. no stasis taper) before, I felt really weak for awhile. Work outs were tough, and often I had to quit after one or two sets. (Has this happened to anyone else?) Still, I can’t really be sure I felt weak because I didn’t taper. It might also be because I didn’t use an HCG that cycle.

Ok, makes sense. Thanks.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I like what you have proposed here.

You are thinking that there is no point injecting a 100mg/wk of test for the first 3 weeks of the stasis period, since levels will be hig anyway, due to the long esters used in the cycle…?

I agree. I was taking with Bill Roberts via PM, and although he’s not a fan of the stasis taper, I did agree with his point that it would be unneccesary to do the full 6 weeks @ 100mg/wk when using long esters, due to half-life clearance times.

I don’t know Why I didn’t see it before to be honest.

Having said that, since you are using deca, which won’t be cleared for a few weeks, post cycle, I would run one more week of the stasis, into week 19.


I’ve always waited until my test levels drop to 100mg PW, then simply maintained that level for the stasis period.

I read Bill’s write up on another thread and thought to myself “why the hell would you do that”. I don’t know if I’ve misunderstood and accidentally crapped out a superior version, or if Bill has misunderstood and I’m doing it as originally intended.

Either way, doing it as I described above (maintaining 100mg PW, rather than constantly topping up and therefore defeating the point of the “stasis”) works very well for me.

I also like to run nolva at 40mg ED throughout the entire stasis, then tapering my nolva during the test taper. I tried this once starting at 20mg and it just didn’t have the same effect - maybe that’s just me though.

IMO, keep your waiting period, keep it at 100mg PW for 6 weeks (or whatever) then taper for 6 weeks, and include a SERM throughout. Best PCT I’ve ever used :wink:


I never even thought about it that way. Looks like I am still learning, too. Good post, BBB.


I actually made a spreadsheet for my cycle to calculate blood levels and thought having a few weeks clearance then maintaining 100mg. I’m also trying to work a few ‘peak weeks’ into my cycle (possibly) without effecting my levels at the end of the 12 weeks.

I’m kind of a visual person so it’s nice to see numbers and graphs. If anyone is interested PM me. I based it off another posters sheet here but totally simplified it.

For example, taking my cycle of 500mg/week, on the first day of the 13 week my test would be at 944mg. It doesn’t drop below 100 until the Saturday of Week 17. This is assuming a 10.5 day half life.


I like this cycle - i too agree with the stasis method if it is used, and i would also suggest that the taper ‘sticky’ could be either amended or updated to add or change the information there… JMO.

Cycle itself is perfectly fine - and i like and agree with the use of nolvadex throughout the <100mg test periods.

Nice one!