good cycle to help shoulder injury!

ok my left routetur cuff is dameged
i have alot of problems with it
and i understood that agood cycle can help to meake it better and less painfull becus it will strenghting the area.your opinion plese :slight_smile:

pain relief in relation to steroids has less to do with strengthening muscles and more to do with water retention around damaged joints. deca is well known for this.

thank you!
but i dont want to gain weight and
i have drug tests so deca is not aposibility for me.any thing else that might help?

Normal employer drug testing doesn’t cover steroids. Read the “AAS & Tendon Health” thread for ideas on steroids which increase collagen synthesis.

That said, probably the best stack you could get on would be rest and physical therapy.

why does deca have such a good reputation with joints when it is simply water retention that is helping?

I heard it was something to do with decas actions on progesterone levels and it’s effects causing increased water retention as synovial fluid… Which is why other drugs which cause water retention wont necessarily help joint pain…

Deca has a really good reputation for joint health. But what about equipoise - is there anyone who can comment? The tendon health posting stated that eq is more potent at increasing collagen synthesis than deca, but is there any anecdotal evidence which says that it’ll make your joints ‘feel good’?

I’ve never tried eq so I don’t know. But I can agree that deca makes your joints feel great.

For me, Deca worked way better than Equipoise

In my case, having a bone spur removed from my left elbow joint and some damage to the bursa, 7 months post surgery I still have pain in this area and I don’t believe it will every be the same again. That being said, I have tried using both deca and equipoise. I used deca first for two weeks of a 3 week cycle during the summer, and I used equipoise for 4 weeks of a 6 week cycle this fall. My elbow felt by far the best during the deca cycle, and that was during the summer, closer to my surgery date. As the deca wore off my elbow felt worse again. The equipoise helped maybe a little but I am not so sure. It did help however my ligaments in my forearms - I get sore tendon attatchments so I can’t say eq is altogether useless. I think what makes deca stand out is that it not only increases synovial fluid, but it also has anti-inflamitory properties

Deca fixed me right up. That was years ago and I am still fine, so I would say the fix was permanent.

deca aids the body in producing aldesterone(sp?) if i’m not mistaken which retains more fluid in joints.

Gh seems to help too.

Deca worked well for me. But so does EQ. Actually in the short term so does test, although I think its more of a mask rather then a fix… For rotator cuff problems though really the best recommendation is to do rotator exercises only. No lifting. Don’t even do the rehab exercises that hurt. Anything that causes further pain is not helping… Ice it like 5 times a day for 10 minutes and take an anti infammatory like celebrex. This would be helpful for impingement. That said if its torn or you dont’ know you then should see an ortho so you know what your dealing with… Taking something which helps ease the pain can certainly create further damage if your still abusing the injury.

ok…i cant use deca!
im an olimpic lifter and i have
areguler steroids tests!
deca stay in the body for adrug test for at least 1 year!so i can take it
any other option?

Can you say the nandrolone in your system was from a nor-andro pro hormone…Didn’t CJ Hunter use this excuse…
Anyway…If that is the case get a
have diagnostics done by a Doc to see the extent of the damage
xray, MRI…
good physical therapist and ART and try GH. I doubt the testing will pick it up

ok thank you