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Good Cycle for Deca

I just received Deca today and 10 vials of sus. 250 @ 250 mg each.

My brother uses deca and his gains were incredible in just a matter of four weeks. I am not really sure what he stacked on top of it, if any.

Anyhow, what do you think would be a good starting cycle for Deca? I am going to do between 250/500 of sus a week.

Start here. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=354419 .
Put your cycle together, post it and then ask for opinions. Don’t ask someone who has done their homework to do your work for you.

Info about your training, goals, diet, age, etc. would be helpful as well.

Good Luck to ya

Thanks for the help. I did not intend for anyone to do the work for me.

I will work on this now.

Favorite steroid. Safest one for your hairline too. Best piece of advice I could give you, get some prolactin control- Dostinex. The progestin effect of deca cause the things people traditionally cry about like deca-dick and exaggerated shutdown. The prolactin can also stimulate your boobies if you are prone to it. You might be ok with bromocriptine, but I never adjusted to it and it just kept giving me a 4 hour flu feeling. Dostinex is supposed to be way better.

Thanks for the advise, I will take it!

[quote]animalrage33 wrote:
Thanks for the help. I did not intend for anyone to do the work for me.

I will work on this now.[/quote]

I didn’t mean to come across the wrong way. Being there was no mention of dosage with the Deca nor any PCT I assumed you were looking to have someone figure that out for you.

Still though, what are your goals, stats etc.?

Last night I took 250 mg of sus. 250 and 300 mg of Nandrobolin 300, both which were 1cc each.

I am looking to gain mass, I eat like all the time so there is no issue with that. It feels like I just can’t stop eating because I am always hungry! I also drink Ensure shakes on a regular. One bottle is 250 calories, which I consume at least 5/day and eat 2000 - 3000 calories a day.

Since I have been taking Sus. 250 I see the weight gain! Not to mention my eating habits since taking it.

I would like to gain about 40 more pounds, which would put me at 240. My workout habits are strong and I am dedicated to training.

Looking to swell up more in size. Any recommendations or new trials you encountered?


5’8" 200 lbs

Arms 17"
chest 34" I think
Legs Have to remeasure - have been working them hard!

Just getting back into the swing of lifting hard again, need to focus on more cutting also in the abdominal area.