Good Cycle for a Boxer

R there any fighters out there that can recommend an effective cycle that they have used wile training for boxing. Looking to stay lean but increase strength, endurance and speed. Been thinkin about stacking test prop, halo and var.

What doses?

not sure yet. I am very new it will be my first cycle however before I do anything I am getting all the info I can. Im not rushing into anything I wana do things right if I do decide to do one. What doses would you suggest and do you know of any one who has tried this cycle?

The reason I picked these compounds was for there trimming and strength properties actually I didn�??t pick them they were suggested to me and I did a lil research on them the halo and var seemed to be ideal for what I am trying to accomplish. What do ya think?

Sound like good choices to me. I would leave the Halo out for now as it is a bit of a speciality item. Prop and Var will net you a great result for your goals. I would suggest the following:

Prop at 100mg/EOD for 40-60 days (2-3 vials)
Anavar at 40mg/day for 40-50 days (200 10mg tabs)
Arimdex at .25mg/day for 40-60 days (10-15 1mg tabs)
Masteron at 100mg/EOD for 40-60 days (2-3 vials)
Nolvadex for 20-30 days at 20mg/day (20 20mg tabs)

Masteron would make a nice replacement for the Anavar and would increase Drive and Aggression. It isn’t much of a muscle builder, but does compliment very well and brings additional traits that will be a boon for your training. Plus even though you should not count on it as a way to control estrogen, with the low’ish Prop dose and the matching Masteron dose, estrogen is suffiently controlled empirically and through blood test results personally.

Once you run this cycle you should have a good idea what to run next, or at least a better idea. I know a mma fighter that keeps his doses quite low, but uses multible compounds and seems to known what he is doing as far as results and getting by testing. An example is that he tends to use 200-300mg of each compound and uses 2-3 with an average total dose of 500-700mg/week.

Bulk slows people down, but lean gains with an enhancement in performance and recovery is a good thing, especially for fighters. Note that my suggested cycles are 630mg/week with the Anavar and 700mg/week with the Masteron - either one will give you good results in all three areas: Gains, Performance, Recovery; along with a boost in positive aggression from the Test and from the Masteron if choosen, and other training boosts.

Awesome sounds like a good stack. I was just reading up on masterone. Im def lookin for the extra aggression Im typically pretty laid back lol. The only problem is that it is a dht and I’m already loosing my hair lol. How well would propecia help that side? Would u recommend masterone over anavar

Some people lose their hair some dont.
I would say use masteron only because orals are not so good on the liver and hdl/ldl for some folks.

For anger how about tren, masteron and cheq drops :slight_smile: im joking people!

Basically what TheBeat2 said is good.

i would swap the var for 50mg winny a day

Not that I’m against steroids, because I’m not… but if you’re being a boxer, don’t be a punkass and juice if you’re competitive.

No respect in that.

Please expound, why would that make me a punk ass?

[quote]ashrom wrote:
Please expound, why would that make me a punk ass?[/quote]

Because if you’re competitive, and, being competitive, you’re a representative of the sport… there’s enough bullshit and corruption in the sport as is. Don’t add to it by being part of the problem.

On top of that, the goal in boxing is to hurt your opponent… not just win, but hurt them. It’s just one of those things that should be done without chemical assistance.

I don’t want to highjack your thread though. As a huge boxing fan, I just wanted to voice my opinion on it.

From a guy who has never done a cycle of steroids (myself) but has been contemplating it, I actually appreciate your response. I have not yet decided weather or not Im going to do a cycle and I think you offer a valid point. The truth is I never really thought about it like that.

Your first post was a bit insulting however I�??m man enough to take some constructive criticism. The sport truly is polluted and I of course as a boxer love the sport as well. My intension is really only to push myself to maximum limits. I train very hard and have been disappointed with my physical results.

I think for now I’m going to try to change my diet and do things naturally but that does not mean I�??m not still intrigued by the benefits of steroids. The purpose of this thread is for me to obtain knowledge about steroids and there effects (for a boxer).

You are a little out of line however I appreciate you offering me another perspective. I don�??t know your background but if you have any advise for me that would help my training I would greatly appreciate it.

Haha. “Out of line” is my middle name… you’ll have to deal with that one.

My background is that I’m a guy who loves boxing, and has done all the training but never actually competed. I’ve done all the shadowboxing, padwork, heavy bag work, rope jumping, lifting, and sparring, but never actually went into a match. The reason I do it is because what boxing gives you is, in my opinion, the best tools for self-defense that anyone has ever come up with.

One day I’d like to actually compete, and it may happen, but I’d have to get a lot better first. I stick to the basics. Other than that, I’ve lifted for years and been involved with some type of martial art.

How long have you been boxing? What type of fighter are you? What’s lacking when you fight- do you have KO power, do you feel you’re too slow, etc.? Are you gassing early? What’s your training look like? What’s your diet look like?

Actually the best form of defense is jujitsu (I def spelled that wrong) it is superior to all styles of fighting. Oh and no offence but if you have trained but never got in the ring, then you really have no right to call me a punkass. I had my first fight after only training for 3 months. My suggestion to u is go get in the ring if ya don�??t u will regret it for the rest of your life. The worst that can happen is ya loose and there aint no shame in that cause not many people have the balls to be able to get in the ring and fight another man in front of several hundred people.

I’ve been fighting on and off for 7 years. I am 27 and am trying to get back but I find myself tiring alot easier and my speed seems to not be what it once was. My punching power is better then ever. My main concern is my bodies recovery time. I seem to be sore all of the time and that is why I am debating doing a cycle. Not for when I fight but for my training.

My 2 CC’s stay clear of Tren as your cardio can be greatly effected.
Winny would be a good choice as would masteron.
Strictly while training.
You say your power is up and your speed is down… I’m no boxer but that sounds like a result of gaining mass/strength???

BTW Propecia helps againts roids (like Test) that converts to DHT, but it doesnt help your hairline against DHT based gear like Masteron…

And the moral issue that come up with competitive athletes is such a blury one. On one hand I definitely agree that it’s “wrong” an cheating in a way, but on the other hand, if most - if not all…- the top guys in your sport are on it then it’s not cheating anymore, it’s “smart”, as depressing it can be.

EQ will increase your stamina so it’s a decent addition. there is less water retention and estrogen conversion than you get with test so you will put on a little less weight. personally I would stack the two but it also means you’d need to go a longer cycle because of the long ester on the EQ. It also means you will test positive for a number of months so if you are tested this isn’t a good idea.

W 1-10 Test Enth 300mg/w
W 1-8 EQ 300mg/w
W 1-10 Mast Enth 200mg/w
W 1-10 Adex 0.25mg EOD

Nice balanced cycle with a good boost to strength and stamina.

If you are tested you could just run short 2 week cycles when you have lots of time to clear. If that’s the case you can run whatever you want as long as it’s a short ester. probably 2 weeks of test prop and tren ace would be best because you’d get a big boost in strength/power without a ton of weight gain…your cardio will suck on the tren but once you’re off it returns to normal. It will likely even lean you out a bit so you should be a bit faster once you are off. I’d run something like this:

W 1-2 Test Prop 75mg ED
W 1-2 Tren Ace 40mg ED
W 3-4 Nolva 20mg/d

As for juicing and sport that’s your call. guys do all sorts of shit to get an edge, gear is just one more that happens to work well.

[quote]ashrom wrote:
Actually the best form of defense is jujitsu (I def spelled that wrong) it is superior to all styles of fighting.

I’m not debating this shit. I disagree. That’s all there is to it.

It may happen in the future… I’m not closed off to it. But at this point, I have severe injuries that are precluding me from doing any fighting.

And as for calling you a punkass- I stand by that. Someone else said that the line is blurry between that- fair enough. But I am against steroid use in sports, especially boxing. The sport is dangerous enough as it is, and guys get killed as is.

There doesn’t need to be more of that, especially if you don’t want the government getting involved. THis shit ain’t baseball.

You’re older. I don’t know how many fights you’ve had, but depending on your style (Which you still didn’t answer) you may have taken a lot of shots, which adds up over time.

If you’re tiring, then do more roadwork, and maybe complexes such as people like Alwyn Cosgrove reccomend. You may also have to spar more, maybe cutting down the time between rounds.

Just concentrating on my speed sometimes helps me. If you’re fighting too tight, that will tire you out and slow you down quicker. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be punching, and the more fluid the motions… the answer may be stop doing it “on and off” and really concentrate on it (which can be tough to do if you’re working like most of us do.)

Also, I can’t stress the importance of the style you fight with. If you’re a swarmer… well, most of them don’t last into their 30’s- requires too much endurance and you take too many shots.

Counterpunchers also slow down, and those shots you used to dodge are now pegging you.

You might need to go back to basics, to being as much a “boxer” as you can be, in order to increase your endurance. Your ring generalship may have something to do with the problem, also.

Guys like Gatti learned to box and prolonged their careers… and I bet you’ll see a different Hatton then you saw in May.

tren is detectable for a long time, dont touch that anytime near a tested fight

I could not disagree more with FI, I know that tons if not most of the fighter out there take AAS. why hold yourself back. especially if you can be hurt while fighting. take what you want as long as its not in your system when you fight, as many rules allow.