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Good cycle but I want MORE GAINS!

My current cycle looks like this:

week 1 1500 mg test,
week 2-5 1000 mg test,
week 6 500 mg test,

75 mg clomid is taken ed during this period.

Now this stuff should take 2-3 weeks after the last injection to clear but as time goes by t.levels won´t be high enough to give the gains I want so.....

At the beginning on week 7 this is what i have in mind…

day 43 100 mg winstrol depot, 100 mg anadrol,
day 44 same as above,
day 45-52 50 mg winstrol depot, 100 mg anadrol,
day 53-56 100 mg anadrol,

Basically I got 30 anadrol and 12 winny - and
this was my idea of how I should use it.

I consider myself completely off at day 57 at
which point clomid will follow for 2-3 weeks.

Any thoughts ?