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Good Cutting Foods

Alright, the last few weeks I’ve gone from around 13% body fat to around

And I’m very happy with my progress, but living on Cottage cheese, eggs, tuna, oats, vegies and fruit does get a little boring!

Can some other people offer opinions about good foods, for “optimal” cutting, or near enough.

The foods I mentioned above have worked amazingly well for me though, along with exercise and HOT-ROX / Methoxy-7.

I just dont want to live on them forever.


Oh and lastly, yea I have read pretty much all the nutrition articles on the site, I just want a change in flavours so I can maintin my progress :slight_smile:

Someone just pm’d me for my workout and routine so I thought I’d just share it incase anyone else would like to know.

It’s probably not perfect but it has worked well for me, here it is

I have been working out 3-4 times per week full body workout.

A typical week would be this

Monday flat bench press 5-6 reps, seated row 8 rep sets,
abs on decline bench holding dumbell 12 rep sets,

Tuesday, incline bench press 5-6 reps, pull ups, shoulder press, squats 8 reps,

Then on thursday and friday repeat.

After most workouts I do 15-20 mins cardio on a machine. (pretty high intensity)

I try to eat every 2 hours no matter what, with carbs just in the morning and more fat in the evening with protein all the time.

However if i feel like a piece of fruit or some vegies I usually go for it at any time of the day. I eat quite a lot of kiwi fruit which are high in fibre.

I eat mandarin’s for the vitamin C, and some apples and bananna’s for good measure.

I have to say, quite a lot of the time I am hungry to some extent, as although I dont really count calories, I eat the same things everyday and I know approximately how much i’m eating and it’s working to me.

I think aslong as you eat regularly you shouldnt get too many cravings for sugar.

If you feel like a cheat meal, or just really hungry, as I did last weekend what I suggest is to just have an extra bowl of oatmeal, or steam a big pot of different vegies and just eat (nearly) as many as you want.

On non-workout days I try to go for a 20 minute run up and down a hill I live next too before breakfast(with my top off if it’s sunny to get a bit of a tan for my abs :wink: )

Oh and lastly, I am a university student, and everyday I don’t leave home without at least 1-2 200 gram cans of tuna and 250-500 grams of cottage cheese, and 2-3 pieces of fruit. In addition to my post workout drink etc.

I only drink green tea and water other than workout drinks.

Sorry if this is kinda hard to read, I had an exam today and another yesterday and I’m abit mentally tired, hope I can be of help to some people though, cheers and goodluck!

I’ll probably post some pic’s once I get a digital camera.

Haha, a Kiwi eating kiwis. Sorry, I’m easily amused.

I guess you’re screwed, cause that’s about all I eat. :wink:

I noticed you didn’t list beef or chicken. Add some of these; with your favorite spices/seasoning/bbq sauce, you’ll be in heaven.

And, I’m assuming you’re using a protein powder. Maybe try some of Dr. JB’s recipes from his latest article. I know from personal experimentation, the Peanut Butter Fudge bars and Flax Loaf are darn tasty!

Oh yeah and I eat Beef or Skinless Chicken everyday pretty much too.

Guess we have the same diet heh.

And yea, about the kiwi fruit, they are really cheap here and I quite like them recently :slight_smile: