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Good Cutting Diet?


Whats a good cutting diet? Ive read about carb cycling but the article wasnt detailed enough for me to understand it.

Will be doing cardio obviously

In the gym should I be doing high rep high volume, or vise versa?

Any references to reading material would be appreciated


If you can not understand the articles here I'm not sure if anyone can help you. Dropping weight is a result of a caloric deficit mostly. Also, on the contrary a high rep routine isn't going to give you "cut" muscles. I think most would suggest lifting heavy to keep as much muscle mass as possible.


your 175 at about 15% ( according to your hub info) that leaves you with about 150 LBM !. keep gaining .
" whats a good cutting diet " is too vague and implies lazyeness with regard to searching for info n learning something about nutrition .
they should have sticky'd BRICKNYCE's "what the fuck is so hard " thread .


Cutting made simple: By Me

Cut out all sugar (splenda really isn't that bad in coffee)
Drink water all day in between meals and snacks

Other than fruits and veggies, cut out all carbs except for during and post workout (lifting days)

Eat more protein, eat less saturated fat (like no more whole milk, less cheese, less butter)

Eat less. It takes a while to get used to eating light, but eventually you won't be starving especially if you're drinking water.

It sounds too easy....it's certainly not sexy, it certainly IS boring....but very effective for rapid fat loss.

They say supplementing with BCAA's will also help prevent muscle loss.

That's it. It's boring but very effective


-Get enough protein and healthy fats to heal and repair what you're doing in the gym as well as out of it
-Get enough carbs to spare your body burning through your lean muscle tissue
-Throw enough curve balls at your metabolism to prevent slowdown (you can't just eat less calories!)
-Do enough cardio as is necessary to knock off a few extra cals per day or to affect your metabolism and nutrient partitioning
-Lift hard and heavy enough to give your body reason to keep your muscle

Of course if it were really simple, everyone on here would be big and shredded :slightly_smiling:



im 190 now @ ~14% bf.

So Ill keep lifting super heavy.

How much below my maintenance calories should I eat? And what should my macros look like?


What works for me is cals at 12 x LBM ( not total body weight ) 1.5 g prot per lb LBM , 30%(of cals)from fat , the rest in carbs (when dieting i IF 16/8 and all my carbs are pwo) i have 75% of my carbs directly pwo the other 25% 2.5 hours later , the rest of the day only veg's.
This has me losing about 1 lb a week . its slow but i learnt the hard way that rapid fat loss means rapid muscle/strength loss ( for me anyway ).


Well, everybody's different. It also depends on how many cals you take in currently. Maybe drop cals by 5% every week or so. Also, if you really can't figure out how to carb cycle properly than do a low cal day once a week on an off day.


Even from whole food sources containing SF? Why?