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Good Cutting Cycle for 1st Contest

Test p week 1-4 every other day 125 mgs

Test P week 4-12 every day 75 mgs

injectable winstrol Week 4-12 every day 25 to 50 mg’s

hcg week 2-12 250 iu’s 2-3 times a week

arimadex week 1-12 0.25 mgs every day

nolvadex week 12-18 20mgs through week 12 than 40 mgs a day week 13-18

My questions are should I just run test p every day to start with I wanted to cut down on daily injections till I had to inject every day will that cause mood swings and side efects. Also is 25 or 50 mgs a better dosage for winstrol. And should i inject hcg 2 or 3 times a week.
And do i need anything else in pct like clomid. I’ve never done a contest and am just trying to see what its like and get a 1-5 finishing place. Id rather save more compounds for other cycles when I have learned more about competing. But if there is anything except tren that you guys think would make a big difference id be willing to give it a try. I weigh 210 am about 11 to 12 percent body fat am 5’9 and a half. And ive done a test E and oral winstrol cycle before. I plan on doing a bulking cycle of d-bol and test e at moderate dosages before all of this. So I should be around 225 to 230 when i start cutting.