Good cookbooks?

Hey guys,

Well im done with school for the summer, and save for work and a summer school class im generally free. This means more time to cook better meals. Im sitting here today, just entirely and completley burnt out on chicken breast and brocolli for dinner waaaaay too many nights. So with the extra time I have i want to start cooking healthy, but still appealing meals.

Can any one recommend a good cookbook with some solid CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN meals in them. Keep in mind, im not exactly Emeril, just another starving college student… THanks!

Well, I don’t know if CLEAN in your eyes means no carbs or not. But it’s BBQ season, so I’m loving yams peeled and sliced, wrapped in foil and tossed on the grill. Put the top down.

Or, for a P+F BBQ meal, veggies (onion, broccoli, cauliflower) and olive oil in foil on the BBQ.

So a new side dish like above should spice up that chicken breast of yours.

(this also works in an oven, but that’s no fun)

Oh, if this was not helpful