Good Conditioning Methods?

What are good conditioning methods if you dont have cardio machines or a prowler??

Sprints, Hill Sprints

400m sprints. hill sprints, complexes.

Conditioning for what?

You need to answer this before anyone can recommend appropriate methods.

Hill sprints as above. Jump rope*. Street running, track running (also bleachers at the track). Ab wheels are cheap.

Hill sprints and bleachers sound awesome…

I too want to lean up…

I just ran up 8 flights of stairs four times…freakin sweet!

sledgehammer swings, carrying heavy things for long distances, body weight exercises till you collapse in a heap.

^^^ All above and just High intensity interval training. Short circuits for time or for number of rounds.

Don’t limit yourself to the one method. Try it all. Sprints,sledgehammer,sandbag, circuits.

Here are some examples how to f@@@k yourself up beyond recognition in no time:

5 rounds of following
5 Dumbbell Snatches per Arm
5 Dumbbell Swings per Arm
10 Burpees
For time.

Heavier db weight means more fun :slight_smile: I’d recommend to start with about 17,5kg or 20kg. Takes about 10-12min altogether but man…

Or try this:
Interval challenge
4 rounds:
12 burpees
24 push-ups
36 squats
400m run (or can be substituted by 500m row)
For time Good fun… :slight_smile:

Or try applying Tabata protocol to any of your exercises. It means you do 20sec of all out work followed by 10sec for 8 rounds.
Like: Tabata Squats:
20sec squat as many as you can
10sec rest
20sec squat
10sec rest…
8 times altogether.
Takes only 4 minutes to complete but man it worth trying. You’ll feel some nice burn in your muscles… :slight_smile:

grab somthing heavy around 50-100 pounds and hold it or put it in a pack or watever and find a long hill and assult that motherfucker then walk down and repeat

push up, jump squat, sit up, pull up, repeat for 5 mins , 1-2 min rest swap exercise when you burn out on each one

lol at the OP as if a prowler or cardio machine is needed to get conditioned no offence man…people have been conditioned greatly WITHOUT either of the two. The above are all good…running outside is easy and free.

[quote]rasturai wrote:
lol at the OP as if a prowler or cardio machine is needed to get conditioned no offence man…people have been conditioned greatly WITHOUT either of the two. The above are all good…running outside is easy and free.[/quote]

But the Prowler is “fun”

real conditioning should never be fun lol only results.

Haha, ok, so the prowler’s fun until you stop after the first push…then it turns to a “hate” feeling

I’m with lawsonsamuels and Judas on this one. Check out the NSW Deathmarch article by Craig Weller on here somewhere (no gear? fill a bucket with dirt/rocks and bear hug carry it). Also, Jim Wendler’s thoughts about hill sprints are pretty sweet: Basically, run up a hill and walk back down. Set a goal of how many you’ll do. Don’t stop until you get there. Rest as much as you need and push yourself. If you do this for a year, you’ll be badass for sure. I think a lot of people think, read and try to find the “best” conditioning instead of actually getting out there and just going all out at something and reap the benefits. Clearly, if you’re training for a specific sport or fitness test, you should tailor your approach to match the type of fitness you need.
Good luck!

Sounds all good…
have to agree with TechnoViking re Jim Wendler’s running uo "The Hill "

One question though …something that I cannot get an answer to altough I have searched through all these blogs…

with either running up hills or complexes

what is the best way to increase progress/ results

a) increase resistance
B) increase volume

If running up The Hill running up X times although time is somewhat dictated there must a max
carrying a weighted vest and increasing over time
or just trying to go faster .

If using complexes …again increasing sets and or reps
eg 5 types of compound exercise X 5 reps ( increasing reps then sets )
increasing weight on each …then going over the same increases again.




Short answer: try both and see what result you like better.

Long answer: I’d like to give an analogy of benching on this one. Someone who can bench 315 for reps, can most certainly bench 135 for 20+ reps. However, someone who can press 135 for 20+ reps will not necessarily be able to bench 315 for reps. Training for higher strength level (increasing resistance) will allow your muscles to contract with more force, which arguably (not really arguable) will help with every aspect of fitness.

You also have to evaluate for yourself what “progress/results” means. Running faster and running longer are two different end goals, both of which make you fitter. More force, muscle coordination, and nervous system capability = running faster. Better energy system recovery, etc… = running longer.

Does this help?

Hi Technoviking

Thanks for the reply…I can see what you mean to a certain extent.
But unsure how it would apply ( although in essence I can see the two different results happening )

I had been using compound complexes ( 5 exercises 5 - 10 reps each ) one after the other nonstop, and repeating for 10 sets ( all with 100 Lbs ) the Romaniello way.

Still not sure which is the best way or the most productive way to progress , do I increase the reps ( to lets say 20 per set then increase the weight to 105 lbs for each exercise ) or just increase the reps to 15 then increase the weight to 105 lbs, in either way they are still brutally hard.

Like I said Just trying to find the most productive method, for developing fitness and losing bodyfat.


I took a tire and tied 12 feet of rope to it. Then I filled it with bricks and drag it around a nearby parking lot… total cost: $5.88 (I would recommend you get the tire from the local junkyard).

I also got a couple of culligan water containers from a dumpster behind a supermarket and bought some cement (3 or 4 bucks for 60 lbs). Then I filled the containers with scraps of metal, rocks, water and cement - good tools for farmer’s walks and “DB” rows (it is nice because they have handles built in)…

Just some cheap things I have done… However, it is important to why you are doing this conditioning (what is your goal/sport?) and complexes, hill sprints, HIIT, 400 m sprints, DB/KB swings, etc are good too. Conditioning is a spot in which one can be very creative…

How about car pulls/pushes? If it’s too heavy you could always bring a buddy to help you push or pull, and you’d both get your workout done for the day. Water containers are awesome when you don’t have access to gym material. Any type of water container works. I have access to regular handled containers and those with round handles on top which looks like Karate style grip training urns.

Usually I have access to a gym, but when I go to my countryside house I have to adapt and use the water containers, and pull the van and use whatever I can find.