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Good Conditioning/Flexibility Program?


Im 18 years old and will be starting either kick boxing or muay thai from September. At the moment my flexibility and cardio is pritty awful. I would love to have a program that works mainly on flexibility and cardio, at the moment I dont have any access to a gym, although I do have a few weights, and a kettlebell (16kg). I tried using the search system, but its not very good >.<

I hope you can help, as mentioned above, im looking for a program that works mainly on flexibility and conditioning.



It seems pretty easy, but if it’s really that horrible, then go run some sprints or just jog and stretch whenever you get the chance. Focus on stretching your legs, hips and groin. Gotta start somewhere. Once it’s up to a decent level, then try looking for an actual program. No point in starting a program if you suck so much you can’t even follow it.

I’ve actually been getting fairly flexible on my own improvised program but have been looking for something regimented, without much luck. Granted by “looking” I’m referring to a google search or two but still…

If you find anything good post it here, I will too.