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Good Combo?


Intending to start my third at the beginning of September but still hesitating with the content. My original plan for this "slow but quality mass cycle" is

1-2: test prop 100 mg/eod
1-2: test ena 500 mg/wk
1-2: EQ 100 mg/eod

3-4: test ena 300 mg/wk
3-4: EQ 100 mg/eod

5-10: test ena 300 mg/wk
5-10: EQ 100 mg/eod
5-10: tren a 75 mg/eod
5-10: Anavar 30 mg/ed

11-12: test prop 100 mg/eod

1-12: Arimidex 0.25 mg/ed
3-5: HCG 500 iu/eod
10-12: HCG 500 iu/eod

PCT: Clomid & Nolva 3 day after the last shot for 3 weeks (then Nolva for additional 2 weeks).

What do you think, is this overdoing and/or too complicated? Any comments on the dozes (trying to keep it at the minimum)?

Coctails at hand, so any suggestions for a better combo?


It looks good except for two things.

  1. Why run the tren only weeks 5-10? Tren A needs to be injected ED. If you have access to a coctail of AAS then get some Tren E instead.

  2. It seems stupid to run HCG for weeks 3-5, wait five weeks, and then run it again at week 10. Why not just run it throughout, starting at week 3, injecting E5D or sat/sun each week?


Good points Schwarz. Cooling period during weeks 3-4 may be just a time lost, so tren for weeks 3-10 (there was some kind of a logic when I planned but it seems that I have lost my notes).

Frequency & volumes are flexible and I'm adjusting according to reactions. Never used tren, so starting with moderation. In general, the modus is to get maximal results with minimum amounts of gear. Your HCG comment noted with respect.


why are you injecting EQ every other day when you can do it at the same time as your enth?

Also, I would recommend injecting the same combo through the whole thing. If you wanna front load and finish with some Prop that makes sense but I think it's easiest and makes the most sense to just run the same thing throughout. Also 30mg/d isn't much var (typical dose is 40-80mg/d) when you are running the other stuff you have in there, may be a waste

I would suggest this

1-2: test prop 100 mg/eod
1-10: test ena 200 mg/e3d
1-8: EQ 200 mg/e3d
1-10: tren ena 150 mg/e3d
11-12: test prop 100 mg/eod

1-12: Arimidex 0.25 mg/ed
10-12: HCG 500 iu/eod
12-15: Nolva 20mg/d and clomid 50mg/d

If you really want to add the var I would run it at 60-80mg/d from week 8-12 to really help cut up and keep strength going while the other compounds are clearing.

Good luck.



Thanks: protocol modified.

Frontloading/cooling was the idea. With prop I will get elevated testo levels fastly (at the beginning) and it helps to keep them up after finishing ena intake (at the end). Presuming also that helps PCT (during Christmas period).

I agree but the idea is to take the minimum needed (dozage will be increased if necessary). The use of Anavar is still open, as I might switch to Winstrol Depot.

Coward: never used tren, so I would like to keep a rapid clearing time of acetate. However, the idea of stitching ED for 8 weeks is not appealing, so I will start with 75 mg/EOD.

Question still: would it be better (more synergy) to use Proviron instead of Arimidex?

Thanks. Good input.


I being you would consider using the Tren early on in the cycle for no more than week 5, and consider tapering down toward off the other stuff the last few weeks of the cycle (for this, you'd want to extend it longer).

I'd also front-load the Test instead of gradually increasing, as you've indicated. This would make recovery go a lot smoother and wouldn't require your PCT to be nearly as aggressive.


How would frontloading the test make recovery smoother? Or were you talking about the tren?


i don't understand nothing about roids, but can u tell me how much will cost a cycle like that?



The things I see are that you are shoot eod weeks 1-2 with the Prop and 5-12 Tren and then prop again, so only weeks 3-4 are you not shoot eod, so given that and the esters used I would do one of 2 things, with the possibility of 3:

1- Completely switch to short esters and drop the Equipoise.

2- Completely switch to long esters except for maybe using Prop and Tren Ace the first 4 weeks as a front-load OR an oral to kickstart.
3- or revamp a little if stuck with the compounds listed.

1-8 Test Prop - 150mg every other day
1-8 Tren Acet - 100mg every other day
1-8 Anavar - 40mg every day split into two doses
1-8 Arimidex - .25mg/day
9-12 Nolvadex - 20mg/day

*1-8 Masteron - 100mg every other day
since you mentioned the possible use of proviron, I'd recommend using masteron with this option and drop the Anavar unless you have it and want to use it. Also Tren and Proviron can be a bit much for people, while the masteron seems to be less androgenic as far as a synergy with tren - just from personal experience and from that of some others.

Prop/Tren/Mast is a great cutting/lean mass cycle that no-one would every be disappointed with in my opinion. It has great synergy and little, if any AI or other preventive drugs are often needed. Also personally I would shoot ED, but eod is fine and most people run it that way.

1-12 Test Enan - 400mg/week split into twice a week like Mon and Thu
1-12 Equipose - 400mg/week split into twice a week
1-10 Tren Enan - 400mg/week split into twice a week
11-14 Anavar - 40mg/day split into twice a day
1-14 Arimidex - .25 mg/day
15-20 Nolvadex - 20mg/day

Regarding the possiblility of Proviron, again I'd suggest Masteron Enan over it if it was available to you.

Possibly run a front-load as follows:
1-4 Test Prop - 100mg EOD
1-4 Tren Ace - 100mg EOD
or really a simpler way and a little better or at least different as far as compounds go would be:
Dbol at around 40-50mg a day split into twice a day for 4-6 weeks.


1-12 Test Enan - 400mg/week split into twice a week like Mon & Thu
1-12 Equipose - 400mg/week split into twice a week
1-4 Test Prop - 100mg/eod
5-12 Tren Ace - 100mg/eod
12-14 Anavar - 40mg/ed split into twice a day
1-14 Arimidex - .25 mg/ed
15-20 Nolvadex - 20mg/day

Regarding your PCT of Nolvadex for any of the cycles:
Basically once you feel completely recovered run one more week and taper off (not necessary at all but good practice), I would taper off the nolvadex the last week as follows 20,20,10,10,10,5,5


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Excuse my sentence structure, I meant to say that running the Tren early, and gradually tapering off (while taking appropriate AI) would make it go smoother.


Huh, but thanks! Considering various options and coming back later on. Perhaps some finetuning but I still have a week until kick off.


Learned Friends! In line of your valuable input, I have slightly modified the original plan:


Kick start (of test)
1-4: test prop 100 mg EOD
1-4: test ena 400 mg per week
1-4: EQ 400 mg per week

Maturity phase
5-10: test ena 400 mg per week
5-10: EQ 400 mg per week
5-10: tren ace 100 mg EOD

Cooling off
11-12: test prop 100 mg EOD
13-14: Anavar 40 mg ED (no HPTA suppression, so very good suggestion!)

Safety net
1-12: Arimidex 0.25 ED
5-12: HCG 500 iU E5D


Damned: should I start PCT 3 days after the last test prop shot or the next day after the last Anavar? Presumably after Anavar, so

15-17: Clomid & Nolva
18-19: Nolva

There are limitless amount of combinations, preferences and we could continue fine-tuning until sunrise, so I will not change anything UNLESS there is something fundamentally wrong in the plan. Thanks for all! Your know-how noted with respect.


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Thanks Bushy. I have learned that EQ stays active +/- 4 weeks, so perhaps cooling off period could be one week longer (weeks 13-15: Anavar 40 mg ED) before PCT. As having Proviron, I have to think about this (actually, as above, why not, it could not hurt - weeks 14-15: Proviron 25 mg ED).

Yeah: no free lunches. Myddy (and wishfull) thinking (but it was early morning).

PS. After reading everything about it, I don't dare. Slightly scary component.