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Good College summer jobs

I am looking for ideas or advice for a summer job. I am only looking to work 15-20 hours a week ideally. I am taking a summer class (general chemistry Lab) that is every Tues. and Thursday from 9;30 to 1:30 and training full time for football (modified westside). So obviously work is a much distant third on list of priorities so the less stressful the better.

I’m kind of in the same boat. I got my training certification, and passed out flyers in my neighborhood. 30 bucks an hour and they come here to train… not too bad.

Air Force reserve. You can do man days, where they pay much better than youd get from a part time job, while serving your country, enjoying the camaraderie of the military. Youll get an invaluable skill, leadership skills, and discipline thatll carry over very well on your resume. Youll get excellent references, and have the opportunity to travel around the world in high tevch aircraft, meet interesting people, bang a couple hot chicks from each country - and the cool part is you dont really have to volunteer. Unless we’re at war, and the active duty guys are backed up you’re staying put doing one weekend a month, 2 weeks a year. Even if you’re activated, the vast majority by far simply gets activated full time doing the job they do at their local base.

 The cool part too is, youll get college credit for your technical training (as military police, aircraft mechanic, flight engineer, intelligence, counter intelligence specialist...) and a whole load of money for college. F.ex. my recruiter guaranteed (meaning itd be written on the contract) Id get 22,000 dollars for college, plus an extra 8,000 dollars as a kicker for joining as a Crew Chief (thats the guy responsible for the whole maintenance of the aircraft, works his ass off, and is the door gunner in the black hawks, or any kind of helicopter for that matter) just for joining the reserves.

 You can volunteer to go to the Azores, Ramstein Germany (beautiful place, hot chicks), Spain (again, nice hot spanish chicks spreading like butter), places in the US such as St Louis, Florida...
 By the way, if you're a reservist in the Air Force and you're called to serve full time at your local base to support flight operations during times of war, you get veteran of war status, which you can run around the streets impressing all the hot chicks and pissing Marines off (who actually had to fight the war eating one MRE a day, while air force guys eat 3 hot meals a day and get to sleep in a cozy hotel with hot water, a nice bed, cable, and room service, not to mention a bar to hook up with - you know - the 'locals'.

 Did I mention the hot chicks? (who by the way usually have a special thing for guys in uniforms, especially those in Australia wholl bang anything in a uniform, even if its just a broom with some grass sticking out for arms and legs)

  There, did this help? 

huge this thread his been done a numberous times.

Try a brewerie(?) they always high for the summer. You can clean kegs and see howmany cases u can carry before and then after a case of beer in the belly.

If you’re sexy, you should try man-whoring.

If certified…lifeguarding is the BEST summer job a college student can ask for. But, since you said you only want to work 15-20 hours per week…try a movie rental place like Blockbuster or Hollywood. The work is cake and you get all the free movies you want!! Just have to deal with idiot customers sometimes which is a pain.

Well, one of the best jobs I had for paing for college was working in Alaska in the fishing industry. I worked on land, so I didn’t have the hazards of a downed boat (we lost at least one each year), which also meant the pay wasn’t as good, but at least I came home in one piece. But then again, you specified 15-20 hours a week. We’d routinely do that in a DAY. Base pay rate wasn’t that good, but the overtime made up for it, and we basically had no where (or time) to spend the money. They fed and housed us, and flew us up and back (as long as we stayed the season).

If you’re looking for manual labor, you could try one of the shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.), as they typically hire for 3-4 hour shifts 5 days a week. Some of the jobs can be very physically demanding, but can pay decent for the hours you are interested in. The hours are often during non-business hours, which might help as well.

Tutoring is also a possibility. Places like Kaplan and Sylvan pay really well per hour for a summer job. At some places you tutor, at others you teach. Your school may also have on-campus options, but they generally don’t pay as well.

Also look at things you buy regularly, if you do purchase things other than groceries. Like what was mentioned before, if you were going to spend money every week on videos anyway, then free rentals would just be more money. Consider clothing stores as well, as poor college students can always use cheap clothes.

If you have the looks and/or body, it’s also amazing what you can get yourself into. You won’t beat the hourly rate that you’d get for stripping. But that’s just what I’ve heard…

This summer I am working in a research lab doing surgeries and experiments on rats and mice, under the supervision of a postdoc of course. The pay is pretty good and they don’t need you everyday, go to a local hospital and see what they can do for you.


Check out some lab jobs…I know a few kids who get ok coin to rinse glassware. Lets see, what else…busbuy, bartender, waiter, garbage man, library staff, fitness centre staff, research assistant, sperm donor (see Zev’s post), telemarketing, landscaping, painting, carpentry, construction, store clerk, fast food places, assembly line worker…ok, got a job yet?

Huge, if you can possibly swing working 8-4, Monday-Friday, I would recommend a job at a high-paying day camp.

You get paid to hang out in the sun, play sports, and hit on lifeguards. Oh, I think there are kids there, too.

I know you’re on Long Island…plenty of great camps around you.

If that’s not possible, try to get a job as a front desk person at a gym. Decent money and a free membership.

Hope this helps.

Thank you everyone for the replies and suggestions as it stands I am going to start looking for research jobs, however being a Pre-Med student I am suppose to volunteer. So if that doesn’t pan out I will look to get a job at the front desk at a gym or at a clothing store or GNC (since those are the only thing I really buy).

JR- I wish I could work at a camp this summer, but as it is I am behind in classes so I need to take it.

Jared- You just gave me a brilliant idea for a job while school is in session, I am going to get a job tutoring freshman student-athletes (basically intro bio and intro chem classes) and make like 9 bucks a hour. Thanks.

Diesel- that is awesome, I am not too sure how it would fit in with football. Is there anyway to work around not being able to go from august to November. Maybe make them up later in the year?

ryno- what cerification did you get? and how are the replies going?

huge personally since your a pre-Med student I would just try and get a job at your schools computer lab. That way you can study and work at the same time. Or I wouldn’t work at all. Working will effect your studies.

 Huge, Im not too sure what your question was but:
 If you join the Air Force Reserve you'll only serve ONE weekend a month. You'll also do 2 weeks of training every year, which are usually flexible as to when you do them, and where you do them.

 As it stands right now, I can tell you that the Air Force Reserve, just as the Marines, are pretty backed up and no one will be leaving for bootcamp for a few months after signing a contract. Believe it or not, there's been a big surge of people joining the armed forces during the conflict with Iraq. 
 F.ex, if you join the Air Force Reserve right now, the earliest you'd be able to leave to boot camp would be no sooner than september-october. Boot camp lasts 6 weeks. Followed by about anywhere from 6-18 weeks tech training depending on the field. Most colleges will give you credit for this tech training and military service.

 If you were genuinely interested in joining I would take a semester off, maybe this one or the next spring semester, get my bootcamp and tech school done, come back and do my 1 wknd a month while going to college. Then during the summer and winter breaks Id do man days at your local base doing a damn cool job most people work never manage to do, being paid well over your regular part-time job, and di I mention - to keep the Air Force flying. I think you get around 200 bucks for working 16 hours each weekend, with hotel and 3 meals paid for, and that increases with rank. Man days you usually get paid much more than that as you're considered on civilian status.

  Whatever you do, good luck.

huge didnt you know that this thread had been done a “numberous” times.

A “package handler” FedEx Ground. Unique hours and lots of money.

Fitone- I wish my parents had that same belief. I will be looking to get a job tutoring or maybe at the fitness center during school next year, but my parents want me to get a job to pay for car insurance. So for the summer I am looking for a job that isn’t too serious.

Panhandling, begging, whatever you want to call it. Those bums make good coin. If you work from say 7am-8:30am , then go study, then from say 4pm-6pm, and do that M, W, F, you could easily make 200 per week.