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Good Coaches Near Union County?

Looking for some technical help on my lifts (squat d/l bench maybe a little olympic lifting)

I don’t really like most of the “trainers” at my gym they seem to spend a lot of time on those ball things.

I’ve been lifting for a little while but I want to nail down my technique before I go much heavier.

PRs at 185
Squat 305
Deadlift 405
Bench 235

Um, I’m guessing you’re in New Jersey?

Check this thread:

I know DeFranco’s place is in NJ somewhere, and Martin Rooney is or was based there too. I’m sure there are options depending on the travel time/distance you had in mind.

yes new jersey.

thank you

DeFranco is there. So is Renegade gym, so is the Underground strength gym. None of them specialise in Oly lifts but all of them are stellar.

ok i’ll check these out as well thanks again both of you