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Good Chiropractor in Montreal?

I know there are a couple folks on here that live in and around the montreal area. If figured you guys might have a line on a real-deal type chiropractor that gets things done.

My shoulder [previous injury] and hips are massively imbalanced. As such it makes the bar overhead in my snatch and jerk angled as opposed to level. This is really not a good deal. Plus i dont se a point in rehabbing my shoulder so hard if it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

So if possible let me in on your ace Chiro’s please.

Thanks in advance,


I’d recommend one but you got a problem:
You live in Alberta.


LOLrus. I live in montreal, QC now. I must update the profile. Im also 30lbs bigger now.

Thanks mate. That’s the guy you go to? he seems well represented.

Whats his style like? Is it all slow and soft and hoakey or does he get right down to it and put shit back in place? this shoulder has got to get back to normal imminently.

My previous chiro was fast and surgical with the adjustments and I’m just looking for that real result at the end again.

Thanks for the heads up mate I’ll go see him and ask whats up nonetheless.

I tried going to an osteo but there was no action. Nothing actually occurred but a really reassuring rub-down. Nice decorating though.