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Good Chiropractor in Boston?

Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in Boston? My tennis elbow has gotten so bad, that do-it-youself tricks don’t seem to work anymore. I would also like to get an analysis of my posture to help with frequent back pain episodes.

I don’t have a car, so it should preferrably be in downtown (or Jamaica Plain where I live).

I went to Dr. Carlo Zelano a few times while I lived there for a thoracic injury. There wasn’t much to it, so I can’t really comment on how he’d be with all of the stuff you mentioned. He fixed me in two visits though. He works with athletes and bodybuilders a lot, and he lifts occasionally too.

His office is on Court Square, near the Government Center stop on the green/blue lines.

We use Dr. John Marchese out of Melrose; he’s fantastic - and does great ART, too.

Highlands Chiropractic
(781) 665-9800
445 Franklin St
Melrose, MA 02176

Tell him the Excel crew sent ya.

Josh Dubin in Quincy center is real good

Thanks for the suggestions! Too bad I don’t have a car, so anything too far from Boston downtown, Jamaica Plain, Cambridge area is not an option.

red line to quincy center or there is a bus that goes down there. Also on Washington st in DOwtown Crossing there is a guy above the jewler’s building one of my coworkers goes to him