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Good Chest Routine ?


So far my chest routine is:
1. Flat Bench Press ( Barbell )
2. Incline Bench Press ( Barbell )
3. Decline Bench Press ( Barbell )
4. Close-Grip Bench Press ( Barbell )
5. Chest Flyes ( Dumbell )
6. Tricep Press ( Machine )
7. Tricep Press ( Cable )
Is this a good chest workout routine for gaining strength ? I'm not strong enough to do dips yet so I substitute it with the Tricep Press down ( Machine version ). Is this a good routine for gaining strength and/or gaining mass/size ? The reason I have all 3 bench presses in my routine because I like doing them.


Sets and reps?

Rest of program?

What program are you following? And for how long?


5x5 no program right now just doing my own thing. I only need help on my chest part of my routine.


If you're doing 7 exercises in one workout, I'd like to make a suggestion to you. Cut it back. Work more compound movements. If you want mass and strength, this is a good "powerbuilding" routine for you to follow.

  1. 5x5 flat bench - hit this heavy progressing up in weight each set
  2. Incline db press or incline chest fly for sets of 15-20 light weight
  3. DB curl or EZ bar curl for sets of 15-20 light weight

If you hit the flat bench heavy enough twice a week, you won't need additional tricep work. They will GROW very big. The accessory work will give you a nice pump and help feed the muscles extra work and also promotes recovery. Make sure diet and sleep are on point.


Get on a program and see some results. Your chest is bad because your routine is bad.

Nothing wrong with prioritizing your chest, but don;t neglect the rest. that is the reason for a good program.


You're doing 5x5 for 7 different exercises in one workout? Cut it back. To quote from Dan John, more is not better, more is just more.

If you can't do a bodyweight dip, you have no business writing your own program. There are beginner programs out there in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs written by guys who are bigger, stronger and smarter than you and I will ever be. Pick one and follow it to the letter. Eat lots, sleep lots




I like to eat loaded potato skins with all their cheesy, bacony, sour creamy goodness. But I don't do it as much as I want, because it doesn't help me with my goals. I suggest you build the self-discipline to stick with an effective and efficient goal-focused plan, rather than getting distracted by things you like to do.

You do not only need help on the chest part of your routine. As plenty of guys have said, 5x5 is not meant to be done for five exercises per bodypart. There are tens of dozens of programs in the Archive, plenty of them are chest-specializations if that's really what you're looking for. But I'd bet even that's not what you need right now.


Okay, sorry, but I'm quoting myself here because:

OP is 5'7", 234 pounds, and 14 years old. Benches 100x5, inclines 80x8, squats 100x5, and deadlifts 100x8.

Dude, do this, starting tomorrow:

You need to build a general base of strength and muscle before worrying about about improving your chest/bench. You've got decades and decades of lifting ahead of you. Take the time to get started properly, safely, and get setup for gains in the long run.


Maybe a few numbers might help people steer you in the right direction, like how much you can lift, how much do you weigh, how long have you been lifting etc?