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Good Cheap Meats in the UK?

Ok I created this topic and it looks like such a simple answer “Pick the cheapest fkn one” it seems like when I buy it and cook it, it looses likr 1/2 of its weight which theoretically doubles the price, You buy 1kg of chicken for £5 then when cooked its 600g or maybe a little more…

Like today I saw 300g of bacon for £1 each so I bought 3 thinking I will make some carbonara meals for a day or two, I cooked 600g of it then it became 280g of bacon… Its like all supermarket meat is dog shit and just pumped full of water?

So what would someone with experience on this matters opinions be?

Liver, kidneys and heart. Good macro profile, usually cheap AF and also delicious.


I just checked the dark web and a liver is £10,000 so I’m not sure if I can afford that

I’ve got some good deals on musclefood before. They claim to be both cheaper and better quality than supermarkets and when they do have offers on you can get pretty lucky.

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Yeah the bummer is just waiting for delivery I might try a local butcher or something.

I dunno what you are complaining about exactly…

I don’t think I find a chicken breast that won’t lose some weight when I bake it and nutrition labels are usually for how the product is at the time so like uncooked so that’s when I weigh it.

Depends how you cook it I guess but like the protein doesn’t go anywhere and evaporate away.

Ur wasting time overthinking things and stressing yourself out and that’s bad coz stress is like the anti gains

Cheapest protein sources are pretty well know. I think. Cheapest meats I ever buy are from the local market/butchers on sale.

They get fresh meat in often and have to have sales just as often to offload the relatively less fresh stuff.


This was either masterful sarcasm or a complete misunderstanding


But yeah, like guinea pig said, the nutrition labels for meat are for raw meat. So if it says 4oz of chicken breat has 30g protein, thats 4oz raw

Try this guy…

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Yeah I would ask a butcher, get a big pack of lean mince.

Quality meat seems to be crazy expensive over in Europe now I would say its significantly cheaper just to get bulk protein powder for a big chunk of your protein requirements

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Lol really?, So all this time I’ve been putting 150-200g of cooked chicken in my meals no wonder I put on another stone so fast lmfao!

I genuinely think it is our obesity issue causing companies to half their products and say it is helping the population rather than their expenses, so I say I want like bacon again… I have a 150g bag and I want to make a meal with 150g in it so I should weigh the bacon out before I cook it and it will keep the same nutritional value as it was at 150g when it is cooked and comes out at like 75g?

Might borrow my grandads shotgun and hit up the local fields.

For all practical purposes, yes.

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Just for the sake of argument, some butchers will inject their meat with liquid so it weighs more. Always go to a butcher you trust.

I worked for a mass market butcher who was fined for binding cheap meats and selling it off as prime cuts. That’s another sketchy practice.

So … you were involved in criminal activities lol

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Original Gangsta :sunglasses:

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you can get 500g of turkey mince from Lidl for £1.49.


Sorry to bring this up again but the packet is written in a confusing way, So I cooked the whole 300g and it came out at 160g, I divided it by 3 which is 53g, I then put 53g in each tub because theoretically that would be 100g worth of macros in each 53g portion (I weigh it accurately out like this to save money not to be some stressed out lean bulk guy).

But am I right?, 53g Cooked has the same macros as 100g Raw?

No, the numbers up top are per serving (2 slices, 42g cooked) the numbers in the nutrition value box are per 100g/ 4 slices/ 2 servings) that’s fuckin weird, and highly misleading

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