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Good Career Choices that Pay Decent for Working as an Expat?

I am interested in living in a different country. right now i am a pre med student. Hopefully trying to get into med school. But my main goal is to become a doctor. I have a few back up careers being a PA, a NP, or a nurse. I didn’t start out as a pre med so my gpa is <3.0 but i have like half of my degree plan left so my goal is the highest possible gpa for me. might do grad school to compliment gpa. i volunteer and other extracurrilculars

I know US trained doctors can work in certain countries if they do some additional training. Nurses i think so too. But what about other career choices. engineering? accounting

I hear a lot about US trained people in different careers get paid more than most people who are from different countries.

Weren’t you going into the military earlier?

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I didn’t start or end pre-med, yet my GPA was 3.8.

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In my day, you needed a backup plan if you wanted to be an athlete or a musician or some other highly desirable job that only 0.0001% of the workforce can make a living off for their entire life.

Not medicine lol

that is also back up. i am really interested in working in military medicine such as being a physcian or a nurse. thats why i am trying to work on my degree right now and trying to do my best in school throughout the next couple of years.

Where would you even go to apply to be an expat? I hear about places like Dubai offering very inviting packages for those with an American education but all the websites I go to look for openings seem like scams.

I can tell you that GAAP/FASB accounting are the same pretty much anywhere. A CPA in the US can get work overseas no problem.

I would also tell you if you value your sanity don’t go into accounting, ever. For any reason. It pays well and always has openings because it’s maddeningly boring.

Pivot to Finance, bro.

I was a financial analyst. Really enjoyed it. Got offered a controller roll with a massive pay bump. Shame on me lol.

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FP&A is where it’s at. It can be boring, but there is so little stress (more once you hit a certain level of course) and the pay is really good. Pretty damn close if not the same as public accounting in my experience.

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Pick a career that you are capable of doing (your GPA says that maybe being an MD isn’t for you) as well as enjoying since you might be doing it for many years. Worry about being an expat after you get yourself squared away.

And you don’t have to wait to join the military. There is ROTC. There is the national guard. I don’t know if it has changed but a NJ guard member could attend a state school for their medical degree for free. You could even go to law school afterward for free if you were still enlisted. Unless the recruiter lied to me.