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Good Cardio Training Books?


I know I might get crucified for asking this on a strength board, but what books out there are widely recognized as the best resource(s) for cardio training? What are, like, the 'Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding' of cardio training?

Thanks in advance for suggestions!!


why would you get crucified?? this is a conditioning site you’re on… I bicycle race. I think there are a few joggers on here too…


Dont think there is a book available like the one you describe. “Cardio” covers a wide range of things from marathons to cycling to 400m running to specific endurance sports. I suppose there are similar aspects/features to all different types of goals, but I think you are going to have to be a little more specific.

What are you training for?



I am NOT a bodybuilder, and since your question is so broad, take this for whats its worth.

check out the training and conditioning threads on the combat forum.


Something likely inspirational but one I didn’t actually read would be Born to Run.

I’m of the mind that a book about cardio would be a bit of a waste…in that with a little research on the ol’ internet and you’ll see that getting better at cardio is simple to understand. Sure getting near elite levels of competition would require more study, but before that level it seems like “add distance/time/intensity” would be the first rule.

I mean I’ve seen 400 page books on walking.


Martin Rooney has three books in his “Warrior” training series you might like.
Also Cardio Strength Training by Robert dos Remedios is all about complexes.


Ross Enamait’s stuff is pretty good.