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good carbs

Does anyone know any good sources of carbs besides oatmeal and veggies…I am falling short of the amount of carbs i should be eating and i can only eat so much oatmeal in a day…


As a bodybuilding food beans are often neglected although they’re higher in protein than any other starchy carb, high in fiber, and score low on the glycemic index. All kinds of beans are excellent as are sweet potatoes. You could also add in rice, peas rye, various sprouted grains (millet, etc.) Wheat and corn are are also ok for some people although along with dairy they tend to be the foods people have known and/or unknown intolerances to.

Fruit is a good option. I also like peas and beans because they are high in fiber and protein along with giving you a good dose of carbs. Whole grain breads are another good choice. I buy the sprouted, flourless breads and make egg white, canadian bacon, low fat chedder sandwiches.

See the ‘Foods that make you look good naked’ article at T-mag.

Black or Red beans with lots of salsa and fat free cottage cheese

Rice, Beans, Yams, and and high quality pasta, stay away from the cheap stuff.

Long grain brown rice or whole wheat pasta

What about Grits? Is no one here from the dirty south?

Nuts are probably my favourite carb snack, they’re full of good fats too so they’re filling.

Small, red potatoes are lower in the glycemic list. Not a whole lot of people know about this.

Please forgive my ignorance but what exactly is considered high-quality pasta? Are you talking like fettucine or something else? I am a pasta fanatic so I’d like to stick w. the best choice. I seem to recall fettucine as having a low GI…it’s just the other stuff usually added that makes it bad.