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Good Candidate for Prohormones?

I’m going to be 21 in 5 days. I follow a modified paleo diet to include dairy. All macro-nutrients are accounted for.

Weight is 210lbs. Height is 6ft 1in.

Workout routine…I used to do straight up weightlifting and cardio at golds gym. Since then I’ve cancelled my membership and do crossfit 5 days a week, krav maga 1 day a week, and MMA three days a week focusing on BJJ once a week and striking twice a week.

I’m not a complete novice to supplements. Currently I’ve been off all supplements for about 8 months.

Before that I have used 3AD furazadrol hyperdrol mass fx no xplode purple wraath white flood green bulge syntha 6 scorch nolvadex etc. (not all at once). I understand the concept of PCT as essential to any supplement cycle that deals with hormones.

Body: Unfortunately at some point i develooped back acne that have left some dark pigmentation across my shoulders. I also develped puffy nipples. My body fat percentage could be better i have stubborn fat deposits across my midsection that i feel like just taking a cooking knife to and ripping it out.
My pant size is 33x32 size large shirt.

My goals for this next and hopefully last cycle are:
Dramatic decrease in body fat percentage and increased definition.
Increased total body strength WITHOUT a drop in my endurance or stamina.

I understand that there are no magic pills. My diet and training regiment are a testament to that but I cant handle going into my 20s with the body that i have now.

Am i a good candidate for a final prohormone cycle? What would the risks associated be for ME specifically at my age and body? What supplements are your recommendatioins and what were your results? What PCT should be taken after the cycle? Any and all information you provide to me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Feel free to ask me anything if necessary I will provide body shots so you can see what I’m talking about.

Thank you again.

My paleo diet consists of turkey, tuna, salmon, tilapia, some lean ground sirloin, and chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, all the vegetable and fruits that are in season for my fiber and carbs, nuts for my healthy fats, my plates are 1/3 protein, 2/3 carbs in the form of fruits and veggies. some times i’ll supplement in a smoothie with whole milk and whey protein along with frozen berries.

i can’t really get more specific because ive found i control my diet if i only buy what i’m going to eat a day at a time. i’ll go to whole foods or central market and simply get in season produce and proteins. my hdl ldl and blood comp from my last physical all looked great.

my workouts are grueling and the other crossfitters have had great success yet my stubborn fat will simply not dissapear.

as i said ive been on prohormones before so i know the rush and empowering effect they have yet ive only done a total of 2 cycles thats it. and that was over a year and a half ago. the gains i realized during that time didn’t go away and i’ve built on them. so addiction is not a foreseeable issue. i know they aren’t something to be taken lightly thats why i wanna do it right.

i wont be doing cycle after cycle because i’m not a bodybuilder and i dont want to be huge.

crossfit is my main form of training then comes mma and krav maga.

go to crossfit.com and look at the workout of the days they make us do. their hellish and we can’t take our time because they time us and we’re always trying to beat the clock. people throw up at least once a week from the intensity.

in comparison my mma and krav training are easy.

i’ve been lifting weights since i was 15. but got serious when i was 16. i used to weigh in at 250 and have 42x32 waist size. so ive done some major changes. but this last form im in just wont cut it for me.

i know what i’m doing in the gym as far as technique and what exercises hit what muscles along with the pros and cons of HIIT, hear rate monitoring and the like.

i know prohormones aren’t fat burners. but muscle eats up fat and most of the supplements of looked at have people citing strength gains while unexpectedly shedding quite a bit of body fat as if they were cutting.

realistically i know that some of this is genetics but even my doctor agrees i dont have a lack of strength or muscle rather i have “old adipose tissue” that wont go away because its back from my obese middle school days.

i realise alot of you have seen other people post that dont have their diet in check but i really do. ive seen nutritionists and trainers and even did a log for a month that i turned into a professional assistant baseball trainer at the University of Texas and the foods i eat as well as the amounts i eat are all spot on. by all accounts i should look great but the old fat just wont go away and its making my social life miserable.
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Short answer, NOT a good candidate for pro-hormone.

You need to do a little more research about PH, then you would realise PH only exist because

  1. USA goverment is not AAS freindly.
  2. USA have a huge supplement industry.
  3. Huge industry want to make huge amount of money, by selling huge amount of legal but otherwise shit pro-hormone.

PH general have the following characteristics

  1. They have similar side effects just like real anabolic androgenic steroids, if not more.
  2. They require PCT just like real steroid.
  3. they are not very effective compared to real AAS
  4. They cost more than real AAS

PUt your money to some good use, hire a professional coach, spend your money on restorative methods, good food etc.

Understood. Then nix the prohormones.

My diet is still impeccable according to my nutritionist so I need something to help destroy this plateu I’m on.

What about these products?

Massfx, leanfx, hyperdrol x2, trisorbagen, stimulant x, animal cuts, scivation xtend?

Which of these will help me break my plateu of body fat percentage loss and lean gains.

If you trying to burn fat try HOT-ROX Extreme. It’s pretty awesome.

If you’re trying to get bigger eat a lot more and lift bigger weights.

And last I knew Hyperdrol was a PH.

Also-I believe all Biotest products to be top notch. Beverly International as well.

Really? I read it requires no pct and its not listed anywhere as a prohormone.

Anabolic Extreme’s Hyperdrol X2 contains a combination of herbs and Bromodione (Just thought I’d look that up). I guess could be confused with H-drol which is that 4-Chloro product.

Guess I’m wrong, sorry I haven’t looked at PH in a long time but that sounded very familiar.

You can also consider certain injectable Amino acid/multi-vitamin/ATP products, which will “supplement” you to the max :-). I think this is as far as you can go, before touching drugs.

Also,if you have reasonable amount of funding. You should train full time. Quit school/work, keep your wife (only if she is full supportive). Surrond yourself with professional support staff. Imgaine the life of a elite Soviet weightlifter, you get the idea.