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Good Bye T Folks

Well, the time is finally here. I leave for USMC Boot Camp tomorrow at 4am. I’m so excited! I just wanted to thank everyone for their help here at t-mag, as well as the comraderie. Happy holidays to everyone and when I return, I’ll be Lance Corporal Bomber, determined of course if I’ve busted my ass enough and proven leadership capability during boot. Peace.


Now…go and get some, dog…

CONGRATS, Bomber! (Will you be in San Diego or Paris Island?)

Good for you. I am sure that I express the feeling of most of the T-men and T-vixens when I say we are proud of the choice you have made. Best of Luck.

Gotta say a big THANKS for serving our country (and in the USMC to boot!) but I’ll save the congratulations until you make it “home” again. Boot camp is a bitch and I have faith that this T-man won’t dissappoint. OOOOrah!

How did the cheater’s diet work out for you?

Best of luck and good choice. See you when you get back.

Good Luck, I spent 8 glorious weeks at Parris Island back in '68. I survived and you will too. I hope you like doing Bends and Thrusts because you’ll probably end up doing thousands of them. I don’t know if you ever saw “Full Metal Jacket” but it gives you some idea of what to expect. Semper Fi !


Outstanding…a Marine in the year of the Tet Offensive…what happened afterwards? For a Marine, it could very well have been worse than basic…

Anyway…you took the heat when many didn’t…


The 1968 Vietnamese New Year (TET)ushered in the largest Offensive mounted by the Viet Cong in the history of the war. In a coordinated effort, the VC attacked select targets, with the full weight and ferocity of their forces.


However…the will of the American people was broken as they began to see more and more of their Favorite Sons coming home in body bags…it was a turning point of the War…


Mufasa, thanks for your kind words. I was still in boot camp when the Tet offensive (Feb '68) was going on, I didn’t get to Nam until July of '68. On a side note I did spend Chinese New Year (Feb 1969) in Hong Kong, I was on R&R at the time. What a fabulous city.

good luckkkkkkkk!:slight_smile:

Just wanted to say good luck and have fun eating sand for breakfast.