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Good, But Cheap Prep Coach?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good but, on the cheaper side “prep” coach. I put prep in quotes because I do not actually plan on competing but, would like to get to single digit BF.

I started at 145 lbs and over the course of almost a year have gotten up to 190 lbs. Lean enough to still see abs and leg separation. I was planning on continuing with the weight gain but, honestly the eating has gotten to be a hassle and feel like I as well as my digestion could use a break.

Calories during the week are around 4500 and usually 1 or 2 days when it is around 6000.

I know shes a wimmenz but Ifbb pro Jelena Abbou does coaching/plans for 100 bucks, Matt kroc is also pretty reasonable

RJ perkins

Guy that posted here before named paulserfani used him and put some great progress pictures up. I use him personally but all you will get from me are words

Anyway he’s good at what he does, really easy to talk to, quick to respond and very affordable