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Good Breakfast?

i need to know is this a good breakfast if im lookin to put on some weight?

4 eggs overeasy
2 egg omelet
4 pieces bread

it seems good to me, but i doubt i can keep that up seeing as how i dont have an unlimited supply of eggs :(. ill have to settle for something else i guess

Sure I would personally drop the juice and bread have oats and fruit but hey thats me. see if it works for you.

Ah if the amount of eggs is a prob drop a few and add milk or Grow!

I train my heaviest lifts in the morning (5am) before work, so here’s what I do:
-A 50 gram protein drink on the way to the gym.
-After training order steak and eggs (or something similar) from a local restaurant, pick it up on the way to work, eat it at my desk while I check my messages.
-About 9am have some oatmeal with a scoop and a half of egg protein and a banana. Note: make sure you put in the protein powder after you cook the oatmeal or you wind up with a big paperweight.
-About 11am; first lunch, usually a sammich (roast beef or tuna) and a peice of fruit.
-About 2pm; second lunch, usually another sammich.
-4pm; train again with husband. Smaller bodyparts or dynamic lifting.
-About 7pm; dinner. I usually burn some meat and have a vegetable or two.
-About 9pm; have some cottage cheese or a protein drink before bed.

On mornings that I don’t train I have eight egg whites, a peice of multigrain toast and a banana instead of the carry out breakfast.

Obviously, I am not trying to cut. I’m at 148 and trying to gain weight. Don’t worry, I just saw a cardiologist and my heart and cholesterol are fine.
Yeah, I suppose I could get real anal and count up all my proteins and carbs, and divide the total by the number of feathers on a hummingbirds ass, etc. But I don’t do that anymore. I just eat instinctively and make sure I get at least 200 to 300 grams of protein a day.
Go ahead…start rippin’.

Oh and I forgot to add that I was eating a tuna sammich while I was writing my response.
Take home message: Eat like it’s your job.