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Good Breakfast for Bulking


I was wondering what an ideal breakfast for bulking purposes would be. I have been consuming 8 whole eggs with 2 chicken sausage links with some OJ. Should I add some more carbs and limit my egg intake perhaps? Thanks in advance for any input. Also, what articles would you guys suggest for PWO nutrition while bulking?


There isn't much wrong with what you are eating now and it truly should be based on what you see in terms of results from it. I don't know how big you are, but that is close to how I eat when gaining. 8-10 whole eggs in the morning. I won't add in that I generally also eat pancakes since this will cause some fitness junky to go into convulsions. I will simply give you the "health PC" response and tell you to eat oatmeal.


Well right now I am trying to bulk again and I'm taking in 3,800 calories a day. My breakfast is:

6 large eggs
4 oz turkey bacon
50 g oatmeal
Piece of fruit


Hey Prof. X,

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Not entirely sure what chicken sausage is, but its probably full of sodium nitrite or similar. The eggs is ok, ok! Carb source, oatmeal some other reasonable cereal, pancakes, some wholemeal bread with butter or peanut butter (yeah this is bulking) and substitute the oj for some proper oranges or an apple and some tomato juice or something. Vege juices tend to be better than fruit juices in terms of various things. Tomato juice is rich in lycopene a powerful antioxidant.

You don't have to drink it every day, drink OJ three days, tomato four or something.

Alternatively have the eggs, juice, oatmeal or other cereal and have this with some whole milk. Whole milk along with eggs seems to be an almost legendary combo for bulking, even if it is high in saturated fats.

If I'm a little bold I'd say that eating all this before bed is good for bulking too so the largest meal isn't exclusively for breakfast, but

a. Its not a popular idea eating a caligulan style feast before bed.

b. It'll help you get fat as well as big.

c. Most people would just think its madness, but for bulking it works.


might be a dumb question, but is sodium nitrite a bad thing?


I remember reading some study a couple months ago.They said that sodium nitrite can cause thyroid problems. Interesting. When I bulk I go all out. I'm with you on that x. I eat pancakes,eggs,and strawberries with my pancakes. Or I'll just have eggs,peaches,milk,all natural peanut butter on my toast,along with some oatmeal on it.I call it an oatmeal sandwhich. I know it doesn't sound that palatable ,but I can tell you it sure is.NOTHING beats pancakes though.It sure is my favorite food(other than pumpkin and pecan pie).


Just stick to eggs fried in olive oil.
You can't go wrong.
For carbs oatmeal will do the trick.
Orange juice has been on my "no" list for years...to much spike.


I posted this in another thread, but I made some reduced fat pancakes recently and threw in two scoops of Vanilla Low-Carb Grow!. Absolutely delicious. Low in fat and high in protein. Threw in some Boca sausages as well.


Udo Erasmus reckon's don't fry with Olive Oil. Personally I don't know but its at least the 'best' of the supermarket oils for doing anything with.


You could start a real nice house fire with it. Olive Oil burns quicker than other cooking oils. Not to mention the fact that NO oil is needed to scramble eggs. That's what Pam (and various other related cooking sprays) are for.


I don't understand why most people say their main carb source when bulking is just oatmeal for breakfast.When you're bulking it's just as important to eat carbs than it is to eat protienn.You need to drive water into those muscles to make them grow too.


I mix my breakfasts up to keep from getting tired of any particular food.

This morning I made some hashbrowns with 2 large potatoes, an omlet with cheddar cheese, toast, Jimmy Dean sausage links, bagel with cream cheese, a banana, milk, and orange juice.

Yesterday it was 3 eggs with cheese and turkey, 2 biscuits, oatmeal with raisins, 2 kiwi, milk, and orange juice.


I love tossing "uncooked" oatmeal into a blender with a bunch of whole milk for breakfast. It would take me forever to eat the amount cooked that I can just gulp down raw.


More than likely, simply because it sounds good on a bodybuilding forum to brag about how clean you eat. Unless their progress matches their attention to carb intake, it makes little sense when gaining.


I'd switch out the OJ for some milk (whole milk would be the best for bulking) and add some oatmeal.


Well,I eat cleaner than you do x! J/k. Yeah man,I know what you're talking about.It's kinda dumb in a way.


Now you're talking.Just add some pancakes to that oatmeal and you'll be set.


You should also be drinking milk with your breakfast along with some oatmeal, whole milk or 2% no fat free milk. Perhaps a little syrup or honey in your oatmeal. And drop the chicken sausage and eat pork sausage, it's called bulking so do it right. I know some of you bodybuilding "purists" are gonna freak out, but you have to do what it takes to get big. It's not like you're going to eat that way the rest of your life.