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Good breakfast food

I am trying my best to cut bread out of my diet and think I have made pretty good progress so far (down to maybe 3 peices a day from 10-12 a day). My main issue is that I cannot get rid of my morning toast. What would be a good subsitute? Oatmeal ? fruit?
Thanks in advance

You can find bread that’s totally fine from a GI perspective, so you don’t necessarily need to cut out your morning toast. Go to a health food store and find something that’s really, dense, chunky, and has only whole grains in it.

You don’t need to get rid of your morning toast! Try the HealthNut variety from Brownberry. It’s got plenty of fiber, chips of hazelnuts, and it’s great source of low GI carbs. On top of that, it tastes damn good.

If I get sick of morning toast though, I substitute 1 cup of oatmeal with a scoop of chocolate protein powder.

Just like the other gentleman stated, there are many other bread out there that are low GI, and lower in carbs that are tasty. I traditionally eat oatmeal with an apple, some cinnamon and splenda, if that sounds good try it out, it really is a tasty breaskfast, and it gives me the fuel I need to get through a grueling workout. Good luck brotha

A really good quality piece of toasted bread, some unsweetened applesauce and a sprinkling of cinamon. I know it sounds gross, but boy is it good.

Huh? Does it follow you around, or something? You just can’t shake it, huh? That’s interesting, I’ve never had any issues with not being able to get rid of food. I usually just eat it, and then it’s gone. I never thought I was a magician, but maybe I should contact David Blayne.

I’m just busting your chops, dude. T-Rock knows how to have some fun, too.