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Good Breakfast Choices?


Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.


I dont know much about dieting and I?m in a bulk up period, I eat like this :

Protein drink : 4 eggs, milk , choclate powder
Milk + kornflakes
0.4 L Milk
5-7 Sandwiches. (Hard bread)
That?s how I usualy eat =)
or else :

Protein drink
0.4 L Juice
8-10 Sandwiches (Hard bread)
0.4 L oboy
Milk abd kornflakes :slight_smile:


The first question would be what are your goals?

If it is to simply eat healthy, then I would have some oatmeal, berries, and eggs or a protein shake. That's a good start.


The good: All of the following are good, not in the same sitting perhpans, but all good.

1 - Oatmeal
2 - Any fruits
3 - Any Veggies
4 - Juices/milk if calories are not restricted

5 - Wheat toast
6 - Eggs (Whole Eggs unless watching cals)
7 - Bodybuilder Pancakes(Check recipes with the search function)
The Bad:

1 - 9/10 of breakfast cereals. Super processed foods full of sugar for the most part
2 -If eating oatmeal or equivalent dont load it up with maple syrup or brown sugar
3 - White breads
4 - Pancakes are waffles


My usual breakfast

Omelete with veggies
Oatmeal or sweet potato
Metabolic Drive.