Good Breakfast Cereals?

I REALLY like having cereal in the morning and it is something i REALLY miss eating since I have started (seriously) strength training. Since I’ve never really heard anything about it I’m unsure whether or not there are any “good” cereals out there (assuming cereals like Cheerios are bad?)

So if anyone could clue me in on whether or not there are any respectable cereals out there I’d really appreciate it… Oh, and make sure to mention whether or not the cereal tastes like shit heheh…


Plain rolled oats or Fibre One are good choices. Those are the only two I eat now.


I go w/ Fiber One or All-Bran if I don’t do the usual oatmeal thing. I usually use that Low-Carb milk (I’m not on a low-carb diet, but since I add a carb to the milk, I figure that takes care of my carb count for b-fast) and chocolate Low-Carb Grow! with the cereal. I’ve seen “Flax” cereals on the shelf before but have never tried it. Anyone? Taste like garbage?

I use this “cream-of-flax” stuff when on a low carb cut to replace oatmael for breakfest. It has like 12 carbs per 3/4 a cup uncooked all of which is fiber and I think around 20 grams of protein. All it is basically is fiber + flax + whey + flavoring.

By the way Cheerios isn’t bad. In fact the regular Cheerios is one of the best ‘pop’ cereals there are. Let’s face it, the health-cereals don’t taste half as good and eventually it turns into force-feeding yourself. Fiber One is like eating bricks and Total tastes like shit and gets stuck in your teeth. The simple fact is that you don’t need buckets of fiber to build muscle or strength, a good dose of vegetables and a few fruits a day are all it takes. Want to pick a good cereal? Just look at how many grams of sugar it’s got per serving(over 5g or so means trouble). That should weed out the ass stretchers like Fruit Loops and all Kellogg junk.

Don’t turn your diet into a NASA project man. Nutrition is simple: get enough calories from good sources and don’t slack off on protein. Past that it’s all realative. Eating something unhealthy from time to time is important, taste is important too not just nutritional value.

I usually eat oats (straight from the box) + two spoons of wheatgerms with milk and a banana. Cheap, taste good and a lot of fiber.

No candy cereals for me;-)

w2097 is right, if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But I actually like Fiber One. Maybe it’s just b/c I like to get a little cereal in every now & then. As I used to literally eat 6-8 bowls every morning (sometimes the entire box)…Cookie Crisp, Capn Crunch, Count Chocula, 'n all that crap. Man, I kinda miss that!

I eat alot of different ones from the organic store. Alot of them taste pretty good and you can get them with Flax etc… I have never eaten any of the “sugar” cerals even as a child. Shredded wheat is also good. Although most of the time I eat oatmeal or oatmeal/chocolate Grow! (low carb).

What about Grape Nuts?

I use Optimum Flax/Soy cereal, one bowl has 40gs of carbs, 8gs of protein and 11gs of fibre. Tastes pretty good to me. Plus that fibre is a good addition.

Oh…and it has blueberries in it, so that adds to the taste I guess. You can find it at CostCo

Here’s an option I tried that’s pretty good, though I prefer a long soak time. See #2:

As for Grape-Nuts, I looked once and was shocked at the low fiber and insane amount of carbs for a serving. And the serving was super tiny too. I’d be a fat bastard if I ate Grape-Nuts. I don’t remember the exact numbers but I remember tossing it back on the shelf before I got fat by osmosis or something. :slight_smile:

Asim, you’ve read the soy articles on this site right? If not, just run a search.

Yeh I have read them, but i only take in the cereal after a workout, plus I have basically no soy in my diet. I have not read berardi recommened againt soy based products and the articles I did read were targeting soy isolate I believe…(soy based protein powders…)

I don’t see how one bowl of cereal might make a significant impact…but i’ll go around and read a bit more now that you brought it up.

A woman researcher once took a box of Total and crushed it up. She took the cardboard box and ground it up. She then fed rats the ground box or the crushed Total cerial. The rats fed the box were healthier than the other rat fed group.

Something to consider about dry cerials…

I currently switch off between omlettes and a bowl of Total Protein in the morning. Omlettes for the days i have time and total protien for the rest.

About the Total Protien… I think the stuff is fantastic. 13g of WHEY (no soy at all) Isolate protien, 11g carbs (2g sugar), no sat or trans fat. Plus it doesn’t taste like ass, I actually enjoy it. Unfortunatly, if you don’t buy it on sale it can run about $5.50 a box and the boxes are not very big . One box lasts me about 4 bowls. Although, one time i saw it on sale for 2/5.00 and bought about 20 boxes. While i’m still going through those boxes, I noticed at the store that they changed the formula. Now there is 14g of protein and less carbs. I bought a box to see if the taste changed. What do you know… it now tastes worst, but still edible. Anyway, i recommend total protein if you want a good morning protein full cereal minus the soy.

Uncle Sam cereal is good stuff, 1 cup cereal, 1/2 mixed berries and fat free milk with splenda, that is a good healty breakfast combo, of course, maybe three bowls and then a 10 egg white/1 dha egg omelette, then you can have a Dave Draper shake too. 2 scoops of Grow!, 12 oz. of ff milk, tbsp. natural pb and banana. Good eats brah.

My personal favorite is “Grow!tmeal”
1 Cup Oatmeal
2 scoops Grow! Original
1.1 Cups water

I eat this every morning and its good for 40 grams of protein. It tastes great!

Quaker oatmeal with protein powder.

Ah, I reminisce of my university days when I used to smoke a doobie and eat a whole box of Frosties or Cocoa Pops in one sitting. If I did that now it would be love-handle city!

[quote]deanosumo wrote:
Quaker oatmeal with protein powder.

Ah, I reminisce of my university days when I used to smoke a doobie and eat a whole box of Frosties or Cocoa Pops in one sitting. If I did that now it would be love-handle city![/quote]

Yes, the good 'ole days… Kind of brings a tear to my eye.