Does anyone know if GNC’s CLA (which is under the name of Optibolic I think) is a good brand? I know it is cheaper than Tonalin when you buy it with a Gold card and use the buy two get one free deal, but would I get a higher quality, more active form of CLA with Tonalin? Thank You people!!! I appreciate!

My friend gave me 2 bottles of tonalin a while ago, it didn’t do crap for me so I would have been pissed…except I didn’t pay for it.

I’d say save your money.


I do not trust GNC’s quality. I would stick to other brands e.g. jarrow makes tonalin. There are many places on the web that sell quality brands discounted. Beyond-a-century is usually cheapest if they sell CLA. If not, try vitamin trader (call 800 information). As to if it works or not…I do not know. I have recently started taking 3g/day (any less is a waste) myself.

Along the sames lines as “Dozer,” I was able to get my hands on a tonalon CLA supplement, distributed by Natrol. I had a good amount so I was taking upwards of 7grams/day (that is a really expensive amount) and I didn’t notice a thing. My suggestion to you would be save your money or invest in more protein and an omega 3 supplement such as flax (or alot of salmon:-)