Good Boxing Routine for Beginners?

Hi, I’ve got a home gym and used to do just sparring classes in Muay Thai but since lockdown it has massively affected the ability to spar so I haven’t been going.

My main issues when it comes to boxing is I’m quite stationary, I’m mainly wanting to work on my hands (speed and learn to whip my punches) and footwork but I don’t really know how to effectively plan a 1 hour routine.

I have an Evo Bob XL which weighs about 100kg, I’m hoping to be able to move him around with my punches but I can only really knock/rock it.

In regards to my footwork I’m very stiff almost like a pawn in chess I’ll just go foward, back, left or right but it’s very telegraphed whereas I see a lot of even amaetur boxers that are very light on their feet and I’d like to get to that level.

I also have a speed bag and a slip bag, I’m a shorter stockier guy so I want to learn to slip to get in the pocket like Frankie Edgar does I guess that would be the best example, thanks.

I’m not an expert and can’t give you a routine or detailed advice but I can share with you something I was taught a long time ago, with regard to footwork and movement: just focus on foot work. Don’t worry about your hands and just practice moving your feet.


About 3 months ago I did a full head movement program. It includes foot work, the head movement, and tying strokes to slips and generally being elusive. I agree with @zecarlo that literally just focusing on the foot work it’s self is best thing you could do.