Good Books

Hey Jim or anyone else who enjoys reading, what do you guys recommend? My favorite books are usually historical fiction. I cannot say enough good things about The Saxon Tales by Bernard Cornwell. These books are clinically proven to raise natural test levels by 10%! I relate the battle joy in these to the feelings you need to lift heavy shit. Do you have any books that give you that effect?

Odd question for this subforum…

I’m no one important, but I’m on the internet so here’s my opinion:

Saxon Tales are pretty good. Lots of cowards shitting themselves and groin stabbing in the shield wall and beard growing and drinking and revenge.

The most important literature imo for promoting an attitude conducive to becoming stronger is definitely Conan. There are three books which compile all the original, unsullied works by Robert E. Howard. The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, The Bloody Crown of Conan, and The Conquering Sword of Conan published by Del Rey Books. The short stories are compiled in the order in which they were written. The themes of primality, straight-forwardness, aggression, confidence, and simplicity translate well to lifting.

Totally agree on the Cornwell.
Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield is a MUST read. Lone Survivor is bone chilling. Game of Thrones novels are excellent.
Chris Kyle, American Sniper. Black Hawk Dwon by Mark Bowden.
I read Total Recall, Schwarzies life story and it was good. Lots on his lifting career.
World War Z by Max Brooks, nothing like the movie.

And many more.

Read whatever YOU love - what I like is of no consequence as we all have different passions.

if you like historical fiction, Shogun is a must. Tai pan is great too. Saxon Tales sounds intriguing and i’m due… thanks!
oh right! Lions of Al-Rassan<–just writing the title of that one gets me jacked up.

I guess if I would of titled it Books That Make You Wanna Be A Badass, it would of been a little less odd haha.

csulli summed up The Saxon Tales pretty good. I didn’t know if the shield wall could keep my interest through 6 books but it never seemed to get old.
I looked into reading Conan but didn’t know where to start since there’s so many of them. Thanks for the lead.
I’m gonna have to check out Gates of Fire, I’m reading one right now called Persian Fire which is a narrative that covers that battle.
Shogun looks interesting, I’ll have to get on good reads and look into these further.

Never heard of the saxon tales, but i read the sample for the first book on my kindle, which is pretty much just the prologue, and I’d say my test levels def rose atleast 10%. WIll be buying pretty soon.
Splinter Cell series is pretty good, lots of suspense and detailed ass kicking and gun battles. I personally enjoy the Alex Cross series by James Patterson, but that more of a suspense thriller than rising of test level, full of action though, the Michael Bennett series by James Patterson is similar and pretty good as well.
Arnold’s biography on bodybuilding makes me wanna lift everytime I flip through it.